Added on 26 January 2023

This year the DPC offers new, and revised, Working Groups and Task Forces to cover a range of digital preservation interests and goals. Open to all DPC members, these groups provide regular fora to exchange good practice, discuss challenges faced and raise gaps in capability for future development.

The Working Groups will explore a specific subject area on an ongoing basis, while Task Forces will address a specific task on a time-limited basis.

DPC Members are invited to join the following new, revised and established Working Groups and Task Forces:

  • NEW: Audio Visual Working Group

This group will provide a forum for discussing issues relating to the preservation of born-digital or digitized AV materials. The focus will be specifically on the digital preservation aspects of managing AV materials (rather than sampling rates, configuring large volumes of high-performance storage etc.). Initially, the group will meet every two months, for discussion of a topic suggested by the Members.

  • NEW: Fair Play Task Force

This Task Force will examine the challenge presented by Intellectual Property Rights laws in relation to preservation and access for digital content. This will particularly (though not exclusively) examine challenges relating to IPR and emulation. It will explore what can be put in place to address the lack of fair use exceptions outside of the USA. Two preliminary meetings are scheduled to gauge interest among the membership and discuss the focus and future plans for the work. It is envisioned that collaboration will then be explored with other relevant groups and persons beyond the DPC.

  • NEW: Museums and Galleries Working Group

This Group brings together DPC Members working in the Museums and Galleries sector to discuss digital preservation issues. First and foremost, this working group is intended as a supportive network for those with responsibilities for digital preservation in a museum context. It provides a regular forum for making contacts, building relationships, learning from peers and sharing successes and challenges.

  • NEW: Operational Preservation Systems Working Group (OPS WG)

Following an initial meeting last year to explore scope and topics, this group is ready to commence regular meetings which will focus on themes relating to the everyday management of digital preservation systems. As such this Group is targeted exclusively for DPC Members that already have a digital preservation system.

  • RELAUNCHED: National Libraries and Archives Working Group (NatLA)

Previously ‘NatLAM’ this group will now meet with a narrower focus on institutions whose main role is the National Library and/or Archive of a particular nation, while Museums are supported by a dedicated Working Group. NatLA is open to both DPC Members and non-Members.

  • Web Archiving and Preservation Working Group (WAPWG)

The well-established WAPWG Group is coordinated by a steering committee which helps put in place 3 to 4 meetings and webinars each year.

For further details about each group, eligibility, how to attend, as well as the frequency and dates of next meetings, please see the Working Groups web page here:

If you have any questions please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Providing fora for development and discussion of ideas and resources is just one of the ways the DPC supports the digital preservation community. An international charitable foundation which supports digital preservation, the DPC helps its members around the world to deliver resilient long-term access to digital content and services through community engagement, targeted advocacy work, training and workforce development, capacity building, good practice and standards, and through good management and governance. Its vision is a sustainable future for our digital assets.

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