Added on 16 September 2011

The University of Leeds has joined the Digital Preservation Coalition.

'Over the last few years our digital collections have grown and diversified', explained Bo Middleton of the University Library. ' They represent a considerable investment and we must move to protect these assets through active preservation.'

'We have joined the DPC because we want to be active participants in discussions of key digital preservation issues. We also recognise the benefits that will accrue from access to world class research. We are delighted to become members of the key forum for the digital preservation community which is working to develop policies and encourage the adoption of best practice.'

Richard Ovenden, chair of the Coalition, welcomed this newest member. 'Leeds University has made a significant contribution to digital preservation research over the years. Their decision to join is evidence of the growing impact of the Coalition and the recognition of the benefits of working together in this emerging field. '

William Kilbride of the DPC also welcomed the news: 'We've just launched our programme for the next 12 months which will include a new generation of technology watch reports, expert briefings on key topics like intellectual property rights, cloud storage and business continuity management. Leeds University will have priority access to these and other activities this year, empowering their staff and giving them a ready-made support network.'

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