Added on 23 November 2015

The DPC are delighted to announce Unilever Archives and Records Management (UARM) as its latest full member. Unilever consists of several well-known brands, including PG Tips, Lux, Persil and Marmite, all of which feature in the company archive. This internationally significant collection of business records has been recognised by The National Archives as being of a high standard and has received “Designated Status” by the Museums Libraries and Archives Council.

Claire Tunstall, Heard of Art Archives & Records Management at UARM said, “Joining the DPC will allow us to think strategically and extend our purpose of preserving and conserving the archives of Unilever, including born digital materials. We hope that by connecting with other DPC members, their expertise will help us to take active steps to prevent the creation of a digital black hole within our archive.”

“It is great news and most encouraging to see another commercial organisation join the DPC”, said Laura Mitchell, Chair of the DPC and Deputy Keeper of the Records of Scotland. “Unilever has a large volume of digital assets and are keen to tackle the digital challenge that these records present. UARM are currently working on a number of digital preservation initiatives and projects to help inform corporate strategies and secure long-term access to this data.”

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