Added on 1 February 2014

The Digital Preservation Coalition is delighted to welcome the University of Hull as its latest member.

‘Hull has made an outstanding contribution to the development of institutional repositories in the UK’, said Laura Mitchell chair of the DPC. ‘Although they have been working in digital preservation for many years, their contributions to the ground-breaking AIMS project and Hydra tools have brought them into more direct contact with the digital preservation community lately.‘

‘Perhaps the most exciting element of their work is the way that are making their institutional infrastructure available for 3rd parties.’

‘Digital preservation has become very real for us in recent years’, explained Chris Awre, Head of Information Management at the University. ‘It has implications across the our repository and our archive service as well our academic interests. It’s a whole new research field in its own right and we have been fortunate to be involved in a range of innovative explorations of how to manage and preserve digital collections.

‘Membership of the DPC will enable us to both share these insights and take our developments to the next level through collaboration with others, working together in this field through the Coalition.’

‘We’re delighted to welcome Hull to the Coalition, said William Kilbride of the DPC. ‘As well as the repository and archive services, the School of Arts and New Media are developing academic programmes in digital curation, pointing to the range of expertise that they bring.

‘They are our fourth new member in as many months. The challenges of ensuring long term access to valuable digital content, and the benefits of collaborating to ensure this, are clearly becoming evident across a range of institutions.’

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