Added on 21 March 2014

The DPC is pleased to announce that United Nations (UN) Archives and Records Management Section joined the coalition in March this year.

“We believe it’s important for the UN to be seen to be active in digital preservation and being part of the DPC will provide the right kind support and expertise for our work to develop digital preservation capacity and capability within the UN’s Secretariat,” explains Bridget Sisk, Chief of the Archives and Records Management Section (ARMS).

ARMS acquires, preserves, and makes available material created or received during all UN business, ensuring that historically significant records are made available for a variety of research uses, including teaching purposes, legal proceedings, building plans, publications, television and radio programs.

“In addition to helping us develop new partnerships with cognate or specialist agencies, we are looking forward to expanding our understanding of approaches to digital preservation through training and briefing days, as well as garnering insights from DPC research projects like TIMBUS and 4C,” Bridget continues.

Chair of the DPC Board, Laura Mitchell said, “I am delighted to welcome the United Nations to the coalition. As an international and disparate agency, ARMS has an enormous challenge in managing huge volumes of digital data generated by operations across the globe. We look forward to working together to address the particular challenges associated with an organisation of this nature, and hope that by becoming involved in the UN’s own outreach activities we will be able to take the DPC’s message to a wider international audience.”

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