Added on 5 February 2013

The Digital Preservation Coalition is delighted to welcome the Information Services of the University of Edinburgh at the as its newest member.

"The University of Edinburgh is a blend of an historic institution that has significant collections of diverse materials and a high-performing research intensive university'' explained John Scally, director of Library and Collections . "These present us with a changing array of digital preservation requirements - from the digitisation of physical collections to the influx of new digital data in volumes previously not seen, often with unknown preservation expectations. We have recently included digital preservation as a significant strategic theme in our forward plans and are joining the DPC to assist us in the framing of a plan to address this important area."

Richard Ovenden, chair of the Coalition, welcomed the University of Edinburgh to the DPC. ''We are delighted that they have decided to join us. Their membership will strengthen their work by giving them priority access to staff development, knowledge exchange and other leaders in the field. As well as seeking solutions, all our members bring expertise to the table: so this will strengthen the Coalition. The University of Edinburgh is our second new member since the start of 2013, a fact which underlines the demand for the mix of services which the DPC offers."

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