Added on 1 December 2011

DPC is delighted to welcome the London School of Economics as its newest member.

‘LSE Library has been developing its digital preservation capacity for around two years - since initial planning and making the business case’, explained Ed Fay. ‘We have already made use of the events programme offered by the DPC to train members of our specialist team. Now that our preservation capacity is moving from development to operation we enter a new phase of activity.’

‘Membership of the DPC will provide crucial support as we move from innovation around technology and process to embedding skills and practice throughout the Library groups.’

‘We’re delighted to welcome LSE to the Coalition’, said William Kilbride. ‘We have worked with staff of LSE for some time and they have been strong supporters of our work. Now that they are within the Coalition they will be able to access training and publications directly and will be able to participate in our various working parties. This will help them achieve their own strategic goals but it will also be of benefit to the rest of the Coalition.’

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