Added on 1 January 2014

The Digital Preservation Coalition is delighted to welcome Lloyds Banking Group as its newest member.

‘Lloyds Banking Group Archives represents the corporate memory of the group, taking in key records for permanent preservation,’ explains Helen Redmond-Cooper, Head of Archives & Museums at Lloyds. ‘We take in records of all formats, and the recent influx of digital material has brought about the beginnings of a digital preservation programme for the Group.

’‘We are keen to use our membership of the DPC to optimise this programme by learning about best practice in digital preservation from other coalition members,’ she adds, ‘and we particularly look forward to sharing our own interests and perspectives relating to the undertaking of digital curation activities in a corporate environment.’

Chair of the DPC, Laura Mitchell of the National Records of Scotland said, ‘We are delighted to welcome Lloyds to the DPC. As a private, financial organisation Lloyds brings a new dimension to DPC’s membership. We have much to offer each other and Lloyds’ association with DPC promises to be of great mutual benefit.’

Communications Officer, Sarah Norris also welcomed Lloyds to the DPC. ‘We are really pleased to see the private sector becoming more involved in the coalition. With Lloyds’ links to the Business Archive Council and the ARA Section for Business Archives, we hope to encourage more businesses to join the DPC and share their own interests in digital preservation.’

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