Added on 27 February 2020

The Agency for Facility Operations of the Flemish Government has joined the Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC) this month, becoming the Coalition’s newest Associate Member.

The Agency, which provides professional support to the entities of the Flemish government, is currently developing a shared digital archiving service - Digital Archives Flanders. This service is open to entities of the Flemish government and to its local authorities. Supporting this development, the Agency for Facility Operations provides the technical infrastructure, the software and the expertise with regard to the management, storage and preservation of born digital information from across the region. 

“As members of the DPC, we are particularly looking forward networking and sharing knowledge with organizations facing similar digital preservation challenges, as well as having access to the training courses that are offered on specific themes,” explains Quincy Oeyen, Policy Advisor for Information and Archive Management, and Product Manager for Digital Archives Flanders. Flanders combined

Chair of the DPC, Juan Bicarregui was delighted to welcome Quincy and colleagues saying: “The Agency joins the DPC at a very exciting time of growth. Marked most notably by the opening of the DPC’s office in Melbourne, Australia, we have been working hard over the last few years to scale our work to meet a global digital preservation challenge. We look forward to working with the team in Flanders whose model of shared service provision will interest many of our members.”

The not-for-profit DPC is an international advocate for digital preservation, helping members around the world to deliver resilient long-term access to digital content and services through community engagement, advocacy, training and workforce development, capacity building, good practice and standards, and through good management and governance. Its vision is a secure digital legacy.

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