Added on 16 October 2017

The University of Sussex has joined the Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC) this week, becoming its newest Associate member.

Established to expand University research into how digital technologies are shaping culture and society, the Sussex Humanities Lab focuses on digital history and digital archives, and the outputs present challenges in terms of long term preservation and access. The University Library and its Special Collections are committed to providing long-term access to this digital content.

“Digital preservation presents challenges for the University Library and the Sussex Humanities Lab,” explains Joanna Ball, Head of Library Content Delivery and Digital Strategy for the University of Sussex. “DPC membership will provide us with opportunities to develop new partnerships, to build capacity and share expertise with the wider community of practice in this area.”

“The University’s work to develop our understanding of how digital technologies are shaping our culture and society is incredibly important,” explains William Kilbride, Executive Director of the DPC. “This understanding will help us all think more meaningfully about the content we create, curate and consume, and how to make best use of the access we provide to these digital materials. We look forward very much to working alongside University of Sussex in this endeavour.”

The DPC helps members to deliver resilient long-term access to digital content and services, helping them to derive enduring value from digital collections. The coalition also raises awareness of the attendant strategic, cultural and technological challenges and supports members through advocacy, workforce development, capacity-building and partnership.

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