25 September 2021

Richmond upon Thames, London




What will the future know of today? Archives, as the homes for our collective memories, are in the future business. Your work will ensure that today’s digital records are accessible to the next generation of citizens, researchers and historians.

Archives matter. Without records, we could not hold government to account, carry out pioneering research or learn from the past. Today’s government websites will form a crucial evidence base and a rich source of context for future generations wishing to understand the operation of the state and its relationship with citizens. In recognition of this, The National Archives runs two web archive services: the UK Government Web Archive, an enormous collection and one of the largest and most-used web archives in the world; and the EU Exit Web Archive, the official archive of EU law following the UK’s departure from the EU.

Web archiving is an exciting, specialist, varied and rapidly evolving field that is a lot of fun to be involved in. Building and maintaining excellent web archiving services calls on a range of skills: problem solving, creativity, developing new techniques for capturing and replaying content, as well as supporting research, and managing stakeholders and projects.
As our Web Archiving Data Analyst and Engineer, you’ll use data analyst and programming skills to gain new insights into our data, which will support the services in a number of respects including demonstrating the composition of the archives, developing and enhancing tools that we have available to capture and manage the data, and support initiatives that encourage computational research.

Working within a team dedicated to continually improving the quality of our service for users, you will be a strong advocate for using innovative technologies to solve some big, often novel, challenges in an organisation that offers great support and exceptional benefits.

This is a full time post. However, requests for part-time working, flexible working and job share will be considered, taking into account at all times the operational needs of the Department. A combination of onsite and home working is available and applicants should be able to regularly travel to our Kew site



In the 25 years of its existence, the UK Government Web Archive has become a large and varied digital collection. At over 200TB, and 6 billion objects, it presents some unique and exciting challenges.

As a member of the web archiving team, you will be supporting our varied work in making sure that we can understand our collections and convey this to our users in new and innovative ways, demonstrating the value of the services and the impact of our activities. You will support others’ research by delivering development that will help users explore our services “as data”. You will also contribute to the team’s tools and processes, ensuring that we can go about our work as efficiently and effectively as possible.



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