6 September 2021


Fixed Term

Organizational Setting

The Department of Management’s Division of General Services (MTGS) provides support functions to the IAEA through its five Sections, namely the Archives and Records Section (ARMS), the Commissary Management Section (CMS), the Facilities Management Section (FMS), the Transport and General Support Section (TGSS), and the Seibersdorf Laboratories Services Section (SLSS).
The Archives and Records Management Section establishes a framework for the creation and management of authentic, reliable and usable records, capable of supporting IAEA business functions and activities for as long as they are required. The Section is divided into three Units: Mail, Records and the Archives Unit. The Records Unit is responsible for the management of records, capable of supporting IAEA business functions and activities.


Main Purpose

Under the direct supervision of the Section Head ARMS the Unit Head plans, develops, and applies records management policies designed to facilitate effective and efficient handling of official records and other information. S/he coordinates and supervises activities of the Unit, which carries out records management advisory work and other technical, clerical, and registration services. Liaises with other internal and external stakeholders to assure compliance with policies, procedures, and practices of records management program.


The Unit Head is: (1) a manager of the Records Unit, ensuring that programmes and projects are developed and implemented in the most efficient and effective manner in line with ARMS strategy plan and the results-based approach; (2) a supervisor, ensuring the provision of efficient and effective recordkeeping services; (3) an analyst, researching and monitoring records and information management developments in the changing technological landscape and providing advice on digital recordkeeping applications, solutions; (4) a liaison, for all Departments in the IAEA on information governance in repositioning ARMS at IAEA.


Functions / Key Results Expected
  • Plan, organize, manage and evaluate the work of the Records Unit, continuously reviewing effectiveness, focusing on priorities and driving for excellence. Specific tasks include: prepare work plans, ensure a balanced workload distribution, monitor work performance, and guide and supervise the staff of the Unit.

  • Ensure economy and efficiency in the creation, use, maintenance and disposal of records, information, data by coordinating the implementation and update of IAEA's Records Management Programme.

  • Lead the Records Unit into the transition to an effective, business-oriented advisory and operations service for record keeping.

  • Facilitate staff development in the Records Unit including competencies and skills to support the modern functions of ARMS regarding managing information.

  • Evaluate, update, innovate and improve Agency record keeping policies and procedures (Records Management Programme), translate them into ARMS projects, and participate in policy update indirectly effecting record keeping practices in the Agency.

  • Liaise with internal stakeholders to ensure adherence to Agency policies through information auditing, monitoring and evaluation, and the consistent application of approved records retention policies and procedures in a hybrid environment.

  • Participate in the development/implementation of digital record keeping solutions and applications including benchmarking, standardization and continuous improvement of business processes and procedures.

  • Lead the development, monitor the relevancy of RM curriculum to deliver training on the records management programme to staff throughout the IAEA.

  • Ensure accurate and up-to-date documentation/ filing, handover for Records Unit functions and responsibilities.

  • Keep abreast of best practices in information governance within the UN Common System to seek continuous technology and process improvement in the delivery of services. Share knowledge of new information management trends from different disciplines, approaches, IT solutions to foster innovation in the division and department.


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