9 August 2021


Fixed Term

The National Library (BnL) preserves, collects and catalogues the national written heritage and makes available to its readers extensive collections of international origin, touching all areas of knowledge. Since its origins, it has been the country's leading scientific, study and research library. In addition to more than 1.8 million documents in paper form, the BnL offers its readers an ever-increasing number of digital documents, accessible 24/24. As coordinator of the national network of Luxembourg libraries bibnet.lu and manager of computer systems, the BnL has an important mission of impetus and innovation in the field of new document management technologies. The BnL regularly organises conferences, exhibitions and events on a variety of subjects. Much more than a place of study and documentation, it is a place of cultural meeting for all audiences.

  • The National Library of Luxembourg collects and preserves the written national heritage. This collection is developed on the basis of legal deposit (amended Grand-Ducal Regulation of 6 November 2009) and is supplemented by targeted acquisitions. The collection includes, among others, books and brochures, newspapers and periodicals, calendars, posters, digitized postcards and digital publications that the BnL preserves using its long-term digital preservation infrastructure;

  • The recruited candidate will strengthen the Long-Term Preservation unit of the IT and Digital Innovation Division. His/her mission will be to set up a system to automate the transformation, export and synchronization of preserved documents to third-party applications,

  • The mission includes the following activities:

    • Understanding of the BnL's business needs;

    • Evaluation of the preservation platform's existing APIs;

    • Identification and evaluation of good practices implemented in other international heritage institutions;

    • Development and documentation of components necessary to automate the export of documents;

    • Assessment of potential integration into the existing infrastructure (search engine a-z.lu; the ALEPH integrated library management system and the eluxemburgensia publishing platform;

    • Optimization of the technical solutions chosen if necessary;

    • Defining automatic tests.

Technical skills

  • Proven experience in python application development;

  • Mastery of git decentralized versioning software;

  • Proficiency in the analysis and transformation of XML and JSON data;

  • Mastery of SQL or NoSQL databases (MongoDB);

  • Development of quality code.


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