9 June 2024


AUD $132,906.00 - $147,415.00


The Head of Digital Preservation is responsible for progressing the NFSA’s overall digital preservation strategy and leading the teams that contribute to its delivery. The Digital Preservation team manages the NFSA’s Media Asset Management and Collection Administration Systems, creates and manages preservation workflows, conducts hands-on digital preservation and forensic activity across a diverse range of media from early video games to film, video and audio files, and contemporary audiovisual formats such as VR and social video, co-designs the integration of collection data with other business systems, conducts training and develops documentation. Situated within the Digital branch, the Digital Preservation department supports curatorial and accessioning staff and activities, collaborates with digitisation and conservation teams, and proactive engages with colleagues in the Digital branch and across the organisation.

This role is crucial to our digital transformation ambitions and our commitment to creating public value and telling the national story through our all activities. The successful candidate will contribute to the NFSA’s national, regional and international leadership with regards 21st century digital preservation and archiving practices.


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