27 December 2016



  • Title: Associate Archivist (Digital Preservation)
  • Job ID: 13345
  • Location: Europe
  • Contract type: Full-time
  • Closing date: Tuesday, 27 December 2016 (midnight Geneva time)

Vacancy Announcement

The Archives of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees exists to make the experience of UNHCR, as embodied in its records and related materials, available to guide and assist the Organization in planning and conducting its activities, and to provide information to meet the research needs of the persons of interest to UNHCR, of the scholarly community, and of the general public.

In order to address the risks related to long term access of digital/electronic records and to enable the long-term preservation of relevant digital/electronic assets, Records and Archives Section (RAS) will lead the implementation of a Digital Preservation System (DPS) which will enable the protection of UNHCR's digital archive of reliable and authentic digital records of long term value over time.

Located in Copenhagen, the incumbent of the post will assist in the implementation of the DPS as well as day to day activities, including the web archive, managing various key functions within the DPS and collaborating with creating description and access to digital/electronic archival materials. This position reports to the Digital Archivist.

About the Position

Records and Archives Section is in the process of designing a solution for the long preservation of digital assets. In 2017 the selected solutions will be procured and implemented in the form of a Trusted Digital Repository integrated with other systems such as the Archives Catalogue and the EDRMS system. Development will continue as solutions in the domain advance.

The digital archivists work in close collaboration with the Records Management and the Reference team.

Functions and Responsibilities


  • The UNHCR Digital Preservation Solution Project captures, protects and provides access to in the long term the UNHCR Digital Archive of authentic and reliable records, and ensures that in the future the key stakeholders will have access to all relevant institutional memory of UNHCR.


  • Assist in the implementation of the Digital Preservation System (DPS).
  • Assist in the management of digital curation and preservation tasks, looking at key functions within DPS in particular the preparation of Submission Information Packages for the Digital Preservation ¿System.
  • Assist in ingest of electronic content into the DPS.
  • Assist in planning and assessment of Digitization projects.
  • Operate and assist the day to day web archive service.
  • Assist the development of policies and procedures relating to Digital Preservation. 
  • Aid in the development of additional RAS initiatives related to the care of born-digital materials, including migration policies, distributed digital preservation processes, such as the web archive and other initiatives.
  • Assist units and offices in HQ and field to transfer electronic information of long term value when appropriate.
  • Assist in integrations between the DPS and other key UNHCR systems such as ADLIB, e-SAFE and Orange Logic
  • Participate in the management of LTP projects with DIST and external parties.
  • Implement procedures and guidelines for Digital Preservation System.
  • Implement procedures for key functions within the DPS for offices in HQ.
  • Implement and support the Web Archive.


  • Act as functional administrator of UNHCR Long Term Preservation System.
  • Ensure correct access/permissions to the digital archive.
  • Liaise with and coordinate actions with DIST, and ICT responsible in regions and offices.

*The digital archivists work in close collaboration with the Records Management and the Reference team.

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