Added on 22 October 2001

DPC signs Memorandum with the National Preservation Office

The aim of the National Preservation Office is to work in the broadest possible partnership to ensure a planned approach to preservation management for long term access to collections throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland. To achieve this it works with preservation practitioners, collection managers, and in partnership with a broad range of organisations engaged in collection care.

The Digital Preservation Coalition and the National Preservation Office recognise their complementary roles and common interests in ensuring long term access to digital resources and collections. A Memorandum of Understanding has been drawn up in order to provide a cohesive and independent focus for their specific and joint activities.

In drawing up a Memorandum of Understanding both organisations agreed to work together to ensure the preservation and long term access to digital materials and their analogue counterparts. In so doing the DPC and NPO seek to forge a close partnership to avoid duplication of effort in addressing issues of concern to both organisations for the benefit of the communities they serve. It is specifically agreed that:

  • The DPC will lead on the development, co-ordination, and supporting actions for digital preservation strategies in the UK and related activities within an international context
  • The NPO is an Allied Organisation of the DPC and its Director will be a member of the DPC Advisory Council
  • The NPO and the DPC collaborate in the promotion of formal education and vocational training for collection care
  • The DPC and the NPO will work in partnership on events and publications to ensure awareness amongst preservation practitioners of agreed best practices for collection care
  • The NPO will advise on issues relating to conservation and handling of original materials within proposed digitisation initiatives and projects
  • Both organisations give each other appropriate acknowledgement in collaborative activities and appropriate referrals to each other for their respective roles and activities.

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