Invitation to join the 4C workshop: “What does it cost? – EU to Assess the Cost of Digital Curation”

Added on 12 June 2013

The 4C Project – ‘A Collaboration to Clarify the Costs of Curation’ – will work closely with existing projects and initiatives and will ensure that where existing work is relevant, stakeholders are aware of tools and models and understand how to employ them.

As part of the project’s engagement activities, 4C will be running a workshop at the 2013 iPRES International Conference for the Preservation of Digital Objects in Lisbon, Portgual and is inviting attendees.

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New ‘Preservation Metadata (Second Edition)’ Technology Watch Report released to DPC members

Added on 12 June 2013

The Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC) is delighted to offer its members a preview of the latest in its series of DPC Technology Watch Reports, the Second Edition of ‘Preservation Metadata.’ Written by Brian Lavoie and Richard Gartner, and published in association with Charles Beagrie Ltd., this report focuses on new developments in preservation metadata since the last report, made possible by the emergence of PREMIS as a de facto international standard.

Specialists in the field of electronic information provision for digital preservation at OCLC Research and the Centre for E-Research at Kings College London, Brian and Richard pick up from the first edition of the report, telling us that ‘it is no exaggeration to assert that preservation metadata, and the PREMIS Data Dictionary in particular, have become part of best practice underpinning responsible long-term stewardship of digital materials.’  

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Member Registration Open for 'Preserving CAD' Event - IMechE, One Birdcage Walk, London - 26th July 2013

Added on 11 June 2013

Member registration has now opened for our latest briefing day on the topic of ‘Preserving Computer Aided Design (CAD)’ at IMechE, One Birdcage Walk, London on Friday 26th July.


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Presentations from Getting Started in Digital Preservation (Aberystwyth) now published

Added on 8 June 2013

Presentations from the popular DPC / BLPAC 'Getting Started in Digital Preservation' workshop in Aberystwyth in June are now available online. To see these, as well as the presentations from similar events in Glasgow in April and London in May see: http://www.dpconline.org/events/details/56-getting-started-in-digital-preservation?xref=61%3Aeventtitle   The roadshow has been popular and each of the stops has sold out well ahead of time. 

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Trust and Digital Preservation


An APARSEN Training Event Organised by the Digital Preservation Coalition in association with the Digital Repository of Ireland and sponsored by the European Commission

This two-ddri_logo_colour_tight_croppeday training event, organised by the DPC in association with the Digital Repository of Ireland on behalf of the APARSEN Project, will focus on the topic of ‘Trust’ in relation to the preservation of digital objects. Long established as a key issue for those engaged in digital preservation, it will examine how we can establish trust in preservation processes and actions from a number of different perspectives.

The workshop is a distinctive fp7-euaddition to digital preservation training activities in Europe. It is intended for managers and staff already working in digital preservation. It assumes a working knowledge of existing standards like the Open Archival Information System - OAIS - as well as an understanding of how issues of preservation apply to their own institution.

This training event is co-funded by the European Community’s 7th Framework Programme for Research and Development FP7/2007-2013 – ICT-2009.4.1: Digital Libraries and Digital Preservation (grant agreement No 269977), the APARSEN Project.

What will we do?

Attendees are welcome to attend one or both days.

The first day, presented in a workshop format, will include presentations from the APARSEN project on its work on the audit and certification of repositories, and the capture and maintenance of authenticity and provenance information for digital objects. Presentations from guest speakers will also examine trust in relation to data sharing and reuse, and establishing trust in digital preservation practitioners. Attendees will also be encouraged to participate actively in a panel discussion on the topics covered. Day one is intended for researchers, practitioners and managers looking for a practical introduction to latest thinking on the topic of Trust in digital preservation. It will help them evaluate options, understand emerging trends and make informed recommendations for action.

The second day will be a ‘deep dive’ into the issues of certification, authenticity and provenance, providing practically focused training on each topic. This will include more detailed and more presentation and discussion of emerging trends and case studies derived from the APARSEN project, and will make use practical exercises. Day two is intended for practitioners seeking to implement practical solutions or seeking to improve existing workflows in their institutions.

Participants in this workshop will:

  • Gain an understanding of the importance of trust in the relation to the preservation of digital objects and data.
  • Hear about the latest developments from the APARSEN project
  • Learn about the framework developed within APARSEN for the capture and maintenance of authenticity and provenance data
  • Understand the issues relating to trust and the sharing and reuse of social science data
  • Gain an understanding of the European framework for the audit and certification of digital repositories
  • Hear about the outcomes of the DigCurV project and the competences required to work effectively within digital preservation
  • Learn how to undertake an self-assessment of their repository using the data seal of approval
  • Have an opportunity to discuss their own experiences and issues relating to ‘trust’
  • Be invited to feedback their own concerns and questions relating to ‘trust’ to researchers and developers working on the topic.

In addition, participants on the second day will

  • Participate in practical exercises relating to the topics covered and discover solutions they will be able to implement within their own organisation

Who should come?

This training event will interest:

  • Records managers and information officers in organisation that rely on long-lived data
  • Risk managers, executives and chief information officers seeking to minimise information risk or maximise information potential
  • Collections managers, librarians, curators and archivists in all institutions
  • Tools developers and policy makers in digital preservation
  • Innovators and researchers in information technology and computing science
  • Vendors and providers of services for preservation, records management and forensics
  • Innovators, vendors and commentators on digital preservation and cognate fields
  • Analysts seeking to develop tools and approaches for information management

Outline Programme

Tuesday 4th June

1000 Registration and Coffee

1030 Welcome and introductions - William Kilbride, DPC

1040 Introduction the APARSEN Project – Sharon McMeekin, DPC/APARSEN

1100 Introduction to The Digital Repository of Ireland – Natalie Harrower, DRI

1120 Documenting the Authenticity and Provenance of Digital Data – Mariella Guercio, CINI/APARSEN

1155 Social Science Data - strategies for sharing – Aileen O’Carroll, Digital Repository of Ireland

1230 Lunch

1315 Audit and Certification, the European Landscape – Ingrid Dillo, DANS/APARSEN

1350 Audit and Certification, an Auditors Perspective - Barbara Sierman, KB/APARSEN

1425 Trust and Digital Preservation Professionals - Laura Molloy, HATII / DigCurv

1500 Tea and Coffee

1530 Roundtable

1630 Thanks and Close

Wednesday 5th June

0930 Authenticity and Provenance Framework Session - Mariella Guercio (see above for slides)

1100 Tea and Coffee

1130 Data Seal of Approval - Hervé L'Hours

1300 Lunch

1400 Data Seal of Approval cont'd

1600 Thanks and Close

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New web-archiving report tackles 'moving target' of preserving digital memory

Added on 24 May 2013

The Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC) has released its latest in the series of topical Technology Watch Reports to the public today. ‘Web Archiving,’ by Maureen Pennock, presents a constructive study of the fast-paced digital age and the pressures we face in attempting to capture web based information for the future.

Maureen’s report outlines some of the current issues faced by organisations engaged in this challenging occupation. “The speed at which the web has become part of everyday life is unprecedented…Yet the very speed at which it develops poses a threat to our digital cultural memory, of its technical legacy, evolution and our social history,” she explains.

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DPC Planning Day 2013

The DPC is delighted to invite members to our annual Planning Day at The Churchill Hotel in York on Tuesday 21st May 2013. The Planning Day is an informal but informative opportunity for all of the members of the Coalition, as well as our partners overseas to contribute to the medium term work of the Coalition, and it enables useful networking between them. This planning day has the theme 'Accreditation' of digital preservation training for career paths.

The purpose of this planning day is to bring the whole DPC together to review and agree a set of proposals on how best to acheive this objective within the field of digital preservation practice for our members.

Full members (ie board directors and their guests are invited to meet at 1800 on the afternoon of 20th May 2013 at The Churchill Hotel (65 Bootham, York, YO30 7DQ) where a short briefing meeting will take place in advance of the planning session the following day. Dinner will be at The Churchill Hotel and bed and breakfast will be at either The Churchill or across the road in The Grange Hotel - please be sure to check your confirmation email to see which Hotel holds your room reservation

Associates and 'Allied Organisations' are invited to nominate one representative each, assembling at The Churchill Hotel at 1030 on 21st May 2013. Personal Members are invited also to assemble at The Churchill Hotel at 1030 on 20th May 2013. Lunch and refreshments will be provided and the meeting will close by 1630.

  1. In addition, full members will be invited to consider the DPC’s medium term financial plan, and to review and finalize the DPC’s programme for the 2013-2014 year.
  2. Specific outcomes from the day include:
  • Revised long term financial plan
  • DPC Prospectus 2013-14
  • A work plan for facilitating ‘DPC accredited’ digital preservation courses


20th May 2013

1800 (Full members) Assemble in The Churchill Hotel, York

1830 (Full members) Full members’ introductory session

2000 (Full members) Dinner

At leisure

21st May 2013

1000 Coffee

1030 Welcome and introduction to the day (all members to assemble)

1110 Overview Presentation - Speaker TBC 

1145 Breakout discussions

  • Group one – TBC
  • Group two – TBC
  • Group three – TBC

1245 Feedback

1300 Lunch

1400 Roundtable discussion and debate

1500 Next steps

1530 Wrap up, thanks and close

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The 4C consultation is now open!

Added on 17 May 2013


The 4C project has begun its open consultation to find people interested in clarifying the costs of curation for their organisation. This consists of an online questionnaire that will start a communication channel for further engagement. 

The consultation is especially aimed at: research funding institutions, cost model experts, big data science institutions, digital preservation vendors, government agencies, publishers, content producers and holders, data intensive companies, memory institutions or in fact any person or institution that has an interest in identifying and clarifying the(ir) costs of curation. So, if you are interested in knowing more about digital curation costs, get involved by clicking the link below, and share your thoughts because this consultation is for you.

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Directors' Group 2013: 4th July, York

Added on 15 May 2013

The Chair of the Digital Preservation Coalition cordially invites the British Library, Cambridge University Library, Creative Scotland, the Digital Curation Centre, JISC, The National Archives, The National Records of Scotland, The National Library of Scotland, The Open University, Oxford University Library Service, Public Records Office of Northern Ireland, Research Councils UK, and the University of London Computer Centre to send a delegates to the meeting of the DPC Directors’ Group, at The Grange Hotel, Bootham York on Thursday 4th July 2013, 1130-1600

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Conference Report: Screening the Future 2013

Added on 13 May 2013

Briefing notes from the PrestoCentre organised conference Screening the Future 2013 have been added to the conference report area of the DPC website (login required).

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