Entrants for the Digital Preservation Awards must submit a nomination by 0900 (BST/CET) on Monday 10th August 2020 (see ‘How to apply’ for details). These will be evaluated, and finalists decided by the Digital Preservation Judging Panel Meeting in September 2020.

Once announced, finalists will then be required to do the following:

  • to give an online presentation of the project, explaining its importance in the field of digital preservation, to the Judging Panel week commencing 5th October 2020.
  • to provide good quality visual material – at least three images (e.g. project team, location shots, screen shots, products) – of the project to be used in publicity material relating to the Award and/or the Awards ceremony.
  • To provide three short ‘soundbites’ which succinctly describe the aims and activities of the nomination, to be used to introduce the finalist at the awards ceremony.

Only finalists will be asked for full details of their projects.

The following gives an outline of key dates. Dates will be finalized and agreed at the earliest opportunity.

1st June 2020

Full program of awards announced, awards open, nomination pack available

29th June 2020

Second call for nominations

27th July 2020

Final call for nominations

10th August 2020, 0900 (BST/CET)

Awards close, nominations received, first sift check and distributed to judges

Week commencing 7th September 2020

First Judging Panel (Shortlisting) online

14th September 2020

Finalists announced and invited to presentation

14th September 2020

Online voting for finalists opens

2nd October 2020

Online voting closes

Week commencing 5th October 2020

Second Judging Panel with (presentations and interviews with finalists)

5th November 2020

Awards presented

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