London School of Economics joins the Digital Preservation Coalition

Added on 13 December 2011

DPC is delighted to welcome the London School of Economics as its newest member.

‘LSE Library has been developing its digital preservation capacity for around two years - since initial planning and making the business case’, explained Ed Fay. ‘We have already made use of the events programme offered by the DPC to train members of our specialist team. Now that our preservation capacity is moving from development to operation we enter a new phase of activity.’

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Trust and E-Journals Briefing, London 31st January: Priority Registration for Members Now Open

Added on 9 December 2011

DPC is inviting members to a briefing day on the topic of ‘Trust and E-journals’ at the Wellcome Library, Euston Road, London on 31st January 2012: http://www.dpconline.org/events/details/39-trust?xref=39

Perhaps the most advanced part of the digital preservation community, the E-Journal sector has growing experience in fixing technical challenges and is supported by a well-developed - if complicated and at times dysfunctional - value chain that connects authors, publishers, sellers, purchasers and consumers.

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TIMBUS Consultation on Business Continuity and Digital Preservation

Added on 8 December 2011

The DPC is consulting its members and the wider community on the TIMBUS project.  This project builds on and extends existing research and experience in risk management and business continuity management on the one hand, and digital preservation on the other, aligning these complementary approaches.  It is a strategic project co-funded by the European Union and it brings together expertise from across Europe from industry partners, SMEs and research partners. 

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What I wish I knew before I started: DPC Student Conference Jan 24th, London

Added on 6 December 2011

The DPC and the Archives and Records Association are pleased to invite students and researchers in archives, records management and librarianship to a half day conference on practical workplace skills in digital preservation.  Hosted by University College London, and organised in partnership with the University of Aberystwyth and the University of Dundee, this mini-conference will bring a select group of leading practitioners together with the next generation of archivists, records managers and ibrarians to discuss the challenges of digital collections management and digital preservation. 

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DPC offers scholarships to attend Digital Futures Academy, London March 19-23rd

Added on 5 December 2011

The Digital Preservation Coalition is pleased to offer four fully funded scholarships to attend the Digital Futures Academy at the British Library, London, 19th – 23rd March 2012. Led by experts of international renown, Digital Futures focuses on the creation, delivery and preservation of digital resources from cultural and memory institutions.

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The Digital Preservation Coalition welcomes LSE Library as its latest associate member

Added on 1 December 2011

DPC is delighted to welcome the London School of Economics as its newest member.

‘LSE Library has been developing its digital preservation capacity for around two years - since initial planning and making the business case’, explained Ed Fay. ‘We have already made use of the events programme offered by the DPC to train members of our specialist team. Now that our preservation capacity is moving from development to operation we enter a new phase of activity.’

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Papers for 2011 DPC Annual General Meeting

Added on 28 November 2011

Papers for the 2011 DPC Annual General Meeting are now available, including the Abbreviated Accounts of the DPC for FY 2010-11 and the DPC Strategic Plan 2012-15. 

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The Future of File Format Identification: PRONOM and DROID User Consultation


The National Archives is proposing to launch a new phase of development of its DROID tool, and is seeking to engage with various user groups and stakeholders from the digital preservation community, government and the wider archives sector communities to help inform and discuss potential developments and user needs. As part of this process, The National Archives, in conjunction with the Digital Preservation Coalition, invites interested parties to attend a one day workshop, hosted at Kew, to discuss their experiences of using DROID and PRONOM in their respective disciplines, discuss how the tools fit their use case, and describe both positive and negative experiences of the tools and their interaction with The National Archives.

There will be a mixture of invited talks and extensive open discussions; the invited talks may focus on experiences, ideas to augment or improve either service, and may encompass wider ideas and thoughts on file identification in general. The day will commence with a short introduction by Tim Gollins, Head of Digital Preservation at The National Archives, who will set out the case for PRONOM and DROID at The National Archives, and describe the business requirements which have helped shape and drive the tools development to this point. Throughout the day, via twitter and less technology dependent mechanisms, we will seek to gather a list of hot topics and discussion points from the community, which will then be used as the basis for an end of day discussion which will help inform the development of the next iteration of DROID, set to commence in 2012. The result of the day will provide The National Archives with content to begin a broader open consultation between December and January which will see active participants in the DROID community submit requirements for the tool and vote on and discuss existing requirements. The National Archives will use this whole process to help prioritise community requests, alongside its own internal requirements, when work on DROID 7.0 begins.

Programme of Presentations:

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Slides from 'Intellectual Property Rights and Digital Preservation' now available

Added on 23 November 2011

Presentations from the DPC and JISC Digital Media 'Intellectual Property Rights and Digital Preservation workshop are now available

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Intellectual Property Rights and Digital Preservation


Digital preservation helps to deliver lasting impact from highly prized and valuable digital resources. This is often understood as a technical challenge but experience shows that a poor fit between technology, processes and regulations constrains preservation actions and significantly inhibit the benefits which long-term access ought to deliver. Operating within a complicated and evolving legal and regulatory landscape, the digital preservation community needs a clear understanding of what it is permitted to do and what risks might inhere within technical processes like format shifting, migration, bit replication and emulation. Foremost among these challenges is the management, protection and evolution of intellectual property rights. It has long been recognised that digital rights management and encryption present a barrier to preserving content. But intellectual property rights do not just impact on the contents of archives but applies also to the containers, wrappers and formats which make the contents accessible.

This joint DPC JISC Digital Media briefing day, will examine and discuss key concepts of intellectual property rights as they impact on digital preservation. It will provide a forum to review and debate the latest developments in the law as it applies to preservation and it will initiate a discussion on how simple legal processes can be deployed. Based on commentary and case studies from leaders in the field, participants will be presented with emerging tools and technologies and will be encouraged to propose and debate the future for these developments. The day will include a discussion of:

  • Intellectual property rights in format migration and emulation
  • Intellectual property rights in information and product lifecycles
  • Licensing preservation actions and digital rights management for the long term
  • Emerging trends and tools for managing intellectual property in preservation

Who should come?

  • Collections managers, curators and archivists in all institutions
  • Tools developers and policy makers in digital preservation
  • Innovators and researchers in information policy and management
  • Innovators and researchers in computing science
  • Vendors and providers of digital preservation services

Provisional Programme

1030 Registration and Coffee

1100 Welcome and introductions (Karla Young, JISC Media and William Kilbride, DPC)

1105 The nature of the problem, Andrew Charlesworth, Bristol University

1135 Issues of Ownership: case studies in depositing and licensing from the Wellcome Library, Chris Hilton, The Wellcome Library

1200 Case study 2: legalities, migration and emulation, David Anderson, KEEP Project, University of Portsmouth

1225 Case study 3: group discussion and practical exercise, JISC Media

1250 Question and answer

1300 Lunch

1345 Escrow services for long term access: emerging trends and issues, Barbara Kolany, ITM, Muenster University

1410 Emerging Trends: Let's All Meet Up in 2015 - what will IPR for digital preservation look like then, Jason Miles Campbell, JISC Legal

1435 Question and answer

1445 Coffee
1500 Panel session and discussion TBC

1550 Wrap up and thanks William Kilbride (DPC)

1600 Close

Notes from the event

Report on the workshop from Marie Therese Gramstadt: http://kaptur.wordpress.com/2011/11/29/ipr-digitalpreservation-2011/

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