European Central Bank joins the Digital Preservation Coalition

Added on 1 April 2016

The DPC is pleased to welcome European Central Bank as its newest Full Member. Details will follow.

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iPRES 2016 | Submission deadline for Workshops, Tutorials and Panels extended

Added on 24 March 2016

iPRES 2016, 13th International Conference on Digital Preservation, Bern - Switzerland, October 3-6, 2016

iPRES 2016 is pleased to announce that the Workshop, Tutorial and Panel submission deadline has been extended by 10 days!

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Recording now available for DPC and NCDD webinar 'Born digital: pre- or post-natal care' with Chido Houbraken

Added on 23 March 2016

The recording from the latest in the DPC and NCDD’s webinar series with Chido Houbraken entitled 'Born digital: pre- or post-natal care?' is now available online. Members can watch the recording in the members’ area of the DPC website using their login. 

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DPC Announces 'Getting Started...' Roadshows for 2016, Registration Open for 1st Date in London

Added on 17 March 2016

The DPC is pleased to announce the schedule for its ‘Getting Started with Digital Preservation’ roadshow series for 2016, with registration now open for the first event in London.

About ‘Getting Started….’

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Preserving Transactional Data

Speakers' Presentations


The DPC and UK Data Service invite you to join our Briefing Day on Preserving Transactional Data—data that result from single, logical interactions with a database. From energy usage to student enrolment, routinely collected data present a valuable resource for research and analysis. The Briefing Day will bring together practitioners who work with transactional data across multiple sectors, including data science, archives, libraries, and academic research. The Briefing Day will also introduce the Technology Watch Report developed through a 15-month study in support of the ESRC’s ‘Big Data Network’ programme. The Briefing Day and report provide an overview of maintaining transactional data for long-term access and the accompanying challenges posed by forms of big data.

Transactional data, whether created by interactions between government database systems and citizens or by automatic sensors or machines, hold potential for future developments in academic research and consumer analytics. Reliable transactional data has the power to improve services and investments by organisations in many different sectors. For some forms of data, value accumulates over time, creating the conditions for longitudinal analysis; and conditions for relatively short lived data to offer reproducible results. To release their true value, such data sets need to be effectively curated and preserved.

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DPC and NCDD Webinar - 'Born Digital: pre or postnatal care'

Members please login to watch the webinar recording

In his presentation, Chido shows the results of the NCDD project ‘Born digital collection’ that focuses on how institutions decide upon acquiring born digital collections. The project report describes the current situation in the Netherlands and also provides scenarios that can guide institutions in their future choices regarding the acquisition of born digital collections. With the aid of two case studies, Chido also explores the consequences of the timing of preservation efforts: should we be acting right up front at the creation of born digital material, or can it wait? Lastly, participants will be invited to give their feedback on the ‘decision tree’ that is being developed to support the decision whether or not to acquire a born digital collection.

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iPRES 2016 | Second Call for contributions and Deadlines

Added on 8 March 2016

2nd Call for Papers - iPRES 2016 | The 13th International Conference on Digital Preservation in Bern, Switzerland, October 3-6, 2016 


*Workshop, Tutorial and Panel submissions - Deadline: April 1, 2016*

*Paper and Poster submissions - Deadline: April 15, 2016*

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Standing on the Digits of Giants - resarch data, preservation and innovation

The DPC is pleased to announce an upcoming seminar produced in collaboration with the Association of Learned and Professional Society Publishers. “Standing on the Digits of Giants” is a seminar that will examine emerging trends in scholarly communication from the perspective of the publication and long-term access to the scholarly record. This includes outputs not traditionally included within the primary scientific canon such as metadata, software and research data. This is a full day event and will be held at Arundel House (13-15 Arundel House, Temple Place, London WC2R) on Tuesday 8th March.

The day will encourage the exchange of ideas and discuss possible solutions or collaborations to issues. Participants will have clarity on the various moving parts that make up the digital research record, which will enable them to develop relevant policies and support for authors, editors and other clients. They will have increased knowledge and access to networks that will support scenario-planning and product development going forward. More details for the seminar can be found on the ALPSP website.

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Social Media for Good: the Series, Episode 2

Sara Day Thomson

Sara Day Thomson

Last updated on 27 January 2017

UK_Data_Service_logoThis year, DPC's Research and Practice team has been working on two studies commissioned by the UK Data Service as part of their Big Data Network Support. Both Preserving Social Media and Preserving Transactional Data will address the issues facing long-term access to this big, fast-moving data and will be published as Technology Watch reports. As part of Preserving Social Media, this series of posts examines some of the points of tension in the efforts of research and collecting institutions to preserve this valuable record of life in the 21st century. 

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Webinar 16th March - 'Born Digital: pre or postnatal care'

Added on 3 March 2016

On March 16th, the second joint DPC/NCDD webinar entitled ‘Born digital: pre or postnatal care?' will take place. Dutch specialist in the field of the acquisition of born digital material, Chido Houbraken will share his own experiences with participating members. There’s limited capacity, so be sure to sign up soon.

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