Added on 3 September 2021

The DPC’s Executive Board has responsibility for work and wellbeing of the Coalition, its programmes, staff and finances. It is the corporate decision making body, constituted within our Articles of Association.  It is formed of twelve members: the Chair and vice Chair elected from the membership; the Executive Director and Finance Director who are appointed ex officio; and eight Non-Executive Directors drawn from the full membership.

Owing to the recent retirement of Stuart Lewis from the Executive Board a position has become available. Expressions of interest are welcomed from suitably qualified candidates.  This is an unpaid role with a time commitment of around  four meetings per year and ongoing email (approximately one per week).  Directors are normally drawn from full members of the DPC in good standing, and with the time and interest to commit to the role.  We encourage diversity by limiting participation on the Executive Board to not more than one place per member institution.  

In addition to participating on the Executive Board, non-executive directors serve the wider digital preservation community by chairing one of five Sub-Committees which guide the work of the DPC, ensuring our work remains tightly focussed to member needs and accountable to them.  Consequently the opportunity arises to join the Executive Board as director for Research and Practice.  This supplementary role involves an additional meeting once every three months, and ongoing liaison with senior staff. 

This is an exciting leadership role with a wide remit at a pivotal moment in the DPC’s evolution.

The DPC is a charity with a commitment  to transparency and accountability so it is important that applicants can manage conflicts of interest that may arise.  In the context of the DPC, such conflicts arise in two ways: financial transactions, where funds are transferred from the DPC; and independence where transactions place at risk the DPC’s neutrality with respect to vendors or solutions or with respect to employers’ expectations.  Applicants will be asked to submit a declaration of interests which will be renewed annually.  DPC is committed to maintaining diversity and inclusion in its governance, including support to the next generation of leaders.

  • To apply for this role complete this  attached application form  by 28th September 2021.

  • For an informal conversation or for more information please contact william(dot)kilbride(at) 

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