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The DPC is pleased to open registration for a webinar* on 15th June 2022 to introduce its new Competency Framework and Competency Audit Toolkit (DPC CAT), which will be available for Member Preview from that date. DPC also invites expressions of interest from Members who would like to participate in a pilot of the new Competency Audit Toolkit to help further refine the resource before its public release later in 2022.


* Please note that this webinar will be repeated at two separate times to enable those in different time zones to attend. More details are provided below.

About the DPC Competency Framework and Competency Audit Toolkit

The DPC’s new Competency Framework was designed to identify the key competencies required to undertake successful digital preservation, whilst being flexible enough to be used for a variety of purposes, such as structuring professional development, aiding recruitment, and assessing curricula. The Framework builds on previous work in this area and from key good practice resources, particularly the DPC’s Rapid Assessment Model (DPC RAM).

A Competency Audit Toolkit will accompany the Competency Framework to help facilitate the audit of digital preservation skills at individual and organizational levels. Both the framework and audit toolkit can be used by anyone involved in digital preservation, including practitioners, managers, students, or educators.

DPC Member Preview Webinar – Timing and Program

The hour-long member preview webinar will be held on 15th June 2022, at two separate times to enable Members in different time zones to attend:

The program will include:

  • Welcome

  • Developing the New Resources – Sharon McMeekin

  • Introduction to the Competency Framework – Amy Currie

  • Walk-through of the DPC Competency Audit Toolkit – Sharon McMeekin

  • Q&A

  • Wrap-Up and Future Plans

How to Register for the Webinar

Registration is open to DPC members only. Please visit the DPC website and login to register at either the first or second session.


DPC Member Recruitment for Pilot Audits 

DPC Members are also invited to get in touch if they are interested in participating in a pilot of the new Competency Audit Toolkit for feedback and testing. For this pilot, participants will:

  • Complete a competency audit process using the DPC CAT during June and July 2022 and provide general feedback on how it has progressed.

  • Not be expected to share any of the data collected during their audit or details of their results.

  • Receive support through the process by the DPC’s Workforce Development team, including:

    • A one-hour introductory online workshop exclusive to each participant organization (late May/early June)

    • Support as needed during the active audit phase, either via email or online call

    • A one-hour online feedback session to wrap up the process (late July/early August)

*Please note: Completion of the competency audit also requires completion of a RAM assessment.

How to Volunteer for the Pilot

If your organization is interested in participating, please email an expression of interest to Sharon McMeekin ( and Amy Currie ( by 20th May 2022, providing the information below:

  • Name(s) and email address(es) for the main pilot contact(s) at your organization

  • An estimate of how many staff will be included in the audit

  • A sentence or two on your motivations for undertaking an audit/participating in the pilot

  • If you have completed a RAM assessment within the last year

We are looking to recruit 3-5 pilot participants from across the different organization types and locations amongst the DPC membership. Depending on demand, we may not be able to accommodate every organization wishing to participate in the pilot at this time, but the resources required to complete an audit will be available to all from 15th June.

The DPC CAT pilots are supported by the UK Nuclear Decommissioning Authority.

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