Added on 12 January 2023

The DPC will be developing good practice guidance on the topic of digital preservation documentation over the next few months, but we cannot do this alone. We are looking for volunteers to join a focus group who will help us to brainstorm this topic. Questions we want to discuss include:

  • What should we be documenting?

  • How should we be creating our documentation?

  • How should we manage changes to the documentation?

  • What documentation should be preserved for the long term?

The initial meeting will be held in February 2023. Further input from the focus group will be sought at a later date as the ideas generated and shared in that meeting are brought together into a short guide. We will be looking for volunteers to review the text and provide examples or case studies to illustrate the guide.

We aim to launch the resulting guidance within the first half of this year.
If you would be interested in joining this focus group to discuss what good practice looks like for digital preservation documentation please get in touch with a few words about what interests you about this topic by 23rd January.

We would love to have input and involvement from members in all time zones.

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