Added on 3 February 2015

The DPC is delighted to welcome HSBC Archives as its most recent member. 

HSBC's archives are one of the most important business collections in the world. The archives contain the historical records not only of HSBC, but also of many of the banks which have been acquired by HSBC and its predecessor companies.

‘HSBC Archives are pleased to join the DPC,’ says James Mortlock, Digital Archives Manager at HSBC. ‘We have recently launched our global digital archives system and hope to use our membership to broaden our knowledge of new approaches to digital preservation and learn and share best practice with fellow DPC members.

‘The addition of HSBC Archives to the DPC is tremendous news’, said Laura Mitchell, Chair of the DPC and Deputy Keeper of the Records of Scotland. ‘We are happy to see more banks and businesses joining the coalition, and look forward to their membership adding a new perspective on digital curation from within a corporate environment.’

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