Added on 16 June 2015

The DPC is delighted to welcome Loughborough University as its latest associate member. This new membership is also something of a milestone; Loughborough University is now the 50th member of the ever-growing Coalition.

Loughborough University has a reputation for excellence in teaching and research with strong links in business and industry. It has particular strengths in information management and information policy, exploring all the technical, legal and ethical aspects of data creation, use and dissemination. 

William Kilbride, Executive Director of the Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC) said ‘I am delighted to welcome Loughborough University as our 50th member which is an important landmark in our development and a great opportunity to celebrate our shared endeavour. Loughborough has a large volume of digital educational resources and it is wonderful to see institutions with such expertise recognising the need to collaborate on digital preservation.’

Loughborough University understands the crucial role of digital preservation and has recognised that gathering, interpreting, presenting and managing information to increase resilience and to aid decision making at times when actions must be taken rapidly. Adrienne Muir, Senior Lecturer in Publishing within the School of the Arts, English and Drama explained why Loughborough decided to join the DPC; ‘Various groups across the institution are involved in collecting, creating, managing and providing access to digital research. These resources are for the benefit of staff and students of our institution, but there is also a desire in some cases to make digital resources more widely available. There is a need to address digital curation and preservation issues in our taught programmes, particularly in publishing and the arts. Our graduates must also have the knowledge and skills to work in a digital environment and this is increasingly reflected in our academic programmes and research training.’

‘DPC has reached a significant milestone in recruiting its 50th member, a really impressive achievement,’ noted Richard Ovenden, recently elected President of the DPC. ‘Digital preservation remains one of the major challenges of our generation. It is encouraging to hear of another important institution joining this shared effort to ensure our digital memory is accessible tomorrow’.

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