The DPC Technology Watch Report series provides an advanced introduction to specific issues for those charged with establishing or running services for long term access.  They identify and track developments in IT, standards and tools which are critical to digital preservation activities. They are commissioned by experts on these developments and are thoroughly scrutinised by peers before release.  Authors are asked to provide reports that are informed, current, concise, and balanced; that lower the barriers to participation in digital preservation; that derive from the needs of Coalition members; and that are of utility to members and non-members alike.




Most Recent Reports


Preserving Email (2nd Ed)

by Christopher J Prom


PreservingPDF CoverPreservation with PDF/A

by Betsy A Fanning

Preserving Social Media

by Sara Day Thomson

 There are currently 22 reports published in the series:


Illustration by Jørgen Stamp CC BY 2.5 Denmark


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