This series of topical notes aims to address key issues of digital preservation for a non-specialist audience. Starting with "What is Digital Preservation?", the notes examine why digital preservation is important while giving an overview of the steps needed to maintain access to digital information. Written specifically with record creators in mind, the notes also provide simple guidance on how they can ensure their digital records are preservation ready.National Archives Logo in RGB

The development of this series of notes was kindly supported by the National Archives of Ireland.


Digital Preservation Topical Notes

  1.   What is Digital Preservation?
  2.   Back-Up and Storage
  3.   Digital Images
  4.   File Naming and Formats
  5.   Metadata
  6.   Personal Digital Archiving
  7.   Preserving Email
  8.   Preserving Social Media
  9.   Preserving the Authoritative Records
  10.   Preserving the Web

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