9 May 2018 | 8am PST - 10am CT - 4pm BST/CET Online Webinar

The Software Preservation Webinar Series provides a survey of software preservation contexts. Each episode will explore a different software preservation context by providing an overview, discussion with guest speakers (specialists in digital preservation, software studies, scholarly communication, open source software and more) and open discussion with attendees.

The webinar series is jointly hosted by the Digital Preservation Coalition and the Software Preservation Network.

EPISODE 3: Software (Re)Use Cases

The “collections as data” initiative centers user communities and use cases in discussions about collection development. This episode will highlight research use cases for software collections, and explore whether and how the “collections as data” approach is a useful response to the unique challenges of collecting, preserving and providing access to software?

Research Lead and Facilitator:  


Discussion Questions:

  1. How does software factor in to your research? How do you utilize software as data/as a research object?

  2. What are the unique qualities of software as data/as a research object?

  3. How/Where do you access the software you have used in your research?

  4. Do you think that the practice of creating/writing software is a requirement for the study of software as a research object?

  5. Which "Collections as Data" tools/documentary methods (position statements, facets, personas) have the greatest impact potential for software preservation efforts?

Sharing experiences and perspectives is critical to understanding the hurdles in software preservation, to imagining future use of software-dependent data, and to forming a mutual understanding of where collective action is necessary to facilitate those future uses so we hope you will join the discussion.

The webinar series is free to attend and open to all.  

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