31 May 2018 | 10:00 - 16:00 Telephone Avenue, Bristol | Armada House


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Developing an effective research data preservation policy and workflows provides a foundation upon which all activities around the management of digital materials can be based. In turn, this can bring assurance that digital materials are being managed appropriately and to best effect. However, how can you be sure that what you do now will stand the test of time? And how can you meet the needs of all stakeholders across your institution to make sure active management of research data is optimised AND future-proofed?

Establishing how an organisation should manage its preservation activities is a difficult question. Every institution is different, and no one dataset is the same, but could a shared approach enable the benefit of research data management and digital preservation to be collectively assessed, shared and understood?

This open event is designed to look at a five-year horizon for research data preservation. It will explore how emerging themes in digital preservation and in research data generation challenge or endorse assumptions and values that underpin the Research Data Shared Service. In doing so it will make recommendations that, if adopted, would go some way to 'future-proofing' digital preservation for research data.

Presentations will seek to:

  • Identify some of the challenges expected to arise over the next 5 years
  • Explore how these might be addressed to safeguard data against future challenges
  • Identify whether a shared approach might be feasible
  • Examine the role of the RDSS as a platform for efficiency

Would should come?

  • Grant holders
  • Programme managers
  • Collections managers, librarians, curators and archivists within the Higher Education sector
  • Records managers in institutions with a need for long-lived data
  • Vendors and developers with digital preservation solutions


1000 – Registration open, tea and coffee

1030 – Welcome, William Kilbride (Executive Director, DPC)

1045 – The future for Research Data Management, Chris Keene (Head of Library and Scholarly Futures, Jisc)

1115  – Q&A

1125 – Managing different data: Case Studies from - 

1215 – Q&A

1230 – Lunch

1330 – Breakouts: What do we need to support long-term access?

1430 – Feedback from breakouts

1500 – Tea and Coffee

1520 – RDSS: Demo and future plans for sustained access, Paul Stokes (Jisc)

1545 – Panel discussion

1615 – Close

Watch the recordings

Session 1: The Future for Research Data Management

Session 2: Managing Different Data - Emma Hewett, Royal College of Music

Session 3: Managing Different Data - Mark Hibbett, University of the Arts London

Session 4: Managing Different Data - Simon Parker, UK Data Service

Session 5: Feedback from Breakouts

Session 6: RDSS Demo and Future Plans for Sustained Access


Image courtesy of Pascal, Flickr

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