HSBC: Global Digital Archive System

HSBC’s Global Digital Archive system launched in January 2015. It combines a synchronised Preservica  digital repository, with discrete Calm archival management catalogues covering Asia, Europe and  North America. This holistic approach to collections management and digital preservation merges  ingest and preservation workflows with strong search capabilities, enabling the archivists to curate  physical assets, digital copies and born‐digital records on a global basis. The project was successful in  demonstrating to ‘big business’ that preservation technology is a truly specialist requirement –  separate to traditional document management. It also navigated numerous information security risks  posed in a commercially sensitive and highly regulated environment.

OECD: Digital Preservation of OECD Datasets 

The OECD (Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development) is an international government organisation that creates knowledge. Its reports and analysis focus on important social and environmental issues, and are underpinned by data collected from participating national statistics offices and other sources. With more than 5 billion data points and constant updates, the challenge was how to preserve the dynamic data, in a format facilitating use and ensuring long-term availability. This was acheived by taking periodic snapshots of the data and creating CSV (Comma Separated Values) Archive Files, for dissemination alongside other digital content on the research platform, OECD ilibrary.

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