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Digital Preservation Documentation Guide: New DPC resource now available on general release

The Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC) has made its newest resource Digital Preservation Documentation: a guide available on general release today, following an exclusive Member preview.  

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Invitation to join our Python Study Group Launch & Information Session

Are you passionate about coding in Python, teaching others and supporting the digital preservation community? Or would you like to improve your coding skills and learn how to use Python for your digital preservation work? 

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The Anthropocene Remembered: Digital Memory After the Climate Crisis

I was honoured to give a keynote lecture at the start of the FIAT/ IFTA’s Media Management Seminar in May 2023. The text below is a slightly adapted version of the talk which was also recorded and will be made available in due course. It’s wonderful to be with you here in Dublin today and to meet as many friends and colleagues again after so long: this event hasn’t happened in person since 2019 and so it’s a privilege to be invited to be the opening keynote in a face to face meeting. My...

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Time to get yourself N2KH-ready!

The newest training course in the Novice-to-Know-How series (N2KH) will be available soon. If you haven’t done the original N2KH Learning Pathway yet, now is the time! You might have already heard: for the past 4 months The National Archives in the UK and the Digital Preservation Coalition have been busy developing a new online training course on email preservation. The training is the latest in the digital preservation learning pathway “Novice to Know-How” and will be launched in June...

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Call for Applicants: DPC Grant for 2023 AMaGA Conference in Australia

The DPC is pleased to offer a new Career Development Fund grant for the Australian Museums and Galleries Association (AMaGA) National Conference 2023 (#AMaGA2023), being held 16-19 May across Murrook Cultural Centre, Newcastle City Hall and Civic Theatre in Awabakal & Worimi Land Newcastle, Australia. The grant will cover 100% of the registration fees as well as a contribution towards travel and accommodation. More details about the grant are provided below, and applications are welcomed...

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Funding digital preservation skills development

Natalie Baur is Program Director for DPOE-N Happy World Digital Preservation Day from your colleagues at the Digital Preservation Outreach and Education Network (DPOE-N)! We are excited to celebrate this important day with you, and we wanted to share some of our resources and funding opportunities that are available to the community.  DPOE-N was created by the Library of Congress in 2010 to provide digital preservation training across the U.S. The program transitioned to...

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Sharing the Load

Helen Dafter is Archivist at The Postal Museum in the UK Readers of this blog will be well aware of the three legged stool of digital preservation. One key element of this stool is staff skills. For some time I have been concerned that digital preservation skills at The Postal Museum are concentrated in one member of staff (myself). This is undesirable in terms of both organisational and individual resilience.

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The DPC Competency Framework

The DPC Digital Preservation Competency Framework identifies and describes information on the skills, knowledge, and competencies required for successful digital preservation. It builds on previous work on identifying competencies for digital preservation and guidance from key models of good practice to provide a framework that is: Applicable for organizations of any size and in any sector. Able to support a range of workforce development activities. Preservation strategy and...

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Considerations on the barriers to the practice of digital preservation

Amarílis Corrêa is an Academic Librarian and Researcher on digital preservation in São Paulo, Brazil / Amarílis Corrêa, Bibliotecária acadêmica e pesquisadora em preservação digital [PORTUGUESE FOLLOWS] For some of us, there seems to be no barriers to digital preservation; for others, too many. Is the grass always greener on the other side of the fence? For me it is, considering I haven’t had the opportunity to implement any part of the digital preservation process...

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Digital Preservation of Community Archives: Breaking down barriers to digital preservation through training

Dr Deborah Thorpe is Education and Outreach Manager for the Digital Repository of Ireland This autumn, the Digital Repository of Ireland (DRI) held an online introductory training programme in digital preservation for our members, with a particular focus on the training and community-building needs of community archivists. This course has been helping with breaking down barriers to digital preservation, by making topics such as appraising your digital collections for preservation,...

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Record, upload, archive... repeat

Vera Ferreira is Depositing Officer for Endangered Languages Documentation Programme, BBAW in Lisbon, Portugal and Leonore Lukschy is Programme Administrator & Communications Officer for Organisation: Endangered Languages Documentation Programme, BBAW in Berlin, Germany Homepage of the Archive of Languages and Cultures of Ethnic Groups of Thailand (

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DPC RAM Webinar

Having a clear idea of the current state of your digital preservation capabilities can greatly aid how you plan to enhance your capacity and operations. The DPC’s Rapid Assessment Model (RAM) is a digital preservation maturity modelling tool that has been designed to enable rapid benchmarking of an organisation’s digital preservation capability. The DPC invites everyone interested in benchmarking their digital preservation capabilities to attend this webinar, which will include an...

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Getting Started and Making Progress training modules

Face to face training is available on request for members. This page provides access to the training resources for the Getting Started and Making Progress courses. Getting Started with Digital Preservation 'Getting Started with Digital Preservation' introduces delegates to common digitial preservation concepts and issues before walking them through the firsts steps they can take to manage their digital assets. This includes bit-level preservation, assessing their digital preservation...

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