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Get Ready ‘cause here comes World Digital Preservation Day

Songs, video clips, hackathons, global events and institutions opening their doors showcasing what digital preservation is all about: That’s World Digital Preservation Day in a nutshell. On Thursday 2 November – in just 2 weeks’ time - World Digital Preservation Day (WDPD) 2023 starts when the sun comes up in Samoa... 

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What is the carbon footprint of large-scale global digital preservation?

Matthew Addis is the Chief Technology Officer at Arkivum. It was great to be at iPRES 2023 in person again this year.  I was privileged to be invited onto a panel called ‘Tipping Point’ that was run by Paul Stokes and Karen Colbron from Jisc.  The panel questioned the premise that there is so much data being generated each year that we are at the point where we no longer have the ability to process it in any meaningful way, let alone curate and preserve it.  Panellists...

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FDO2022 Conference – human and social factors in data and metadata management

Louise Preston is a Project Officer at the National Archives of Australia. She attended FDO2022 with support from the DPC Career Development Fund, which is funded by DPC Supporters. Writing systems developed in Mesopotamia and other ancient societies to manage information because human memory simply could not store all information. It was a new and specialised field that began with only partial script. As writing and recording became more complex, the amount of information stored...

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Digital preservation at the National Library of Australia

Libor Coufal is Assistant Director for Digital Preservation at the National Library of Australia We are very mindful that it has been (not quite all, but mostly) quiet on the NLA communication front in the last several years, while we have busily worked on implementing our digital preservation program. Our attendance at this year’s iPres (our first since 2014) was a great opportunity to pause and reflect on the progress we have made. We would like to update the community on what we have...

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Member preview of new ‘Data Type’ Technology Watch Guidance Note Series

The DPC has released the first four of a brand-new series of Data Type Technology Watch Guidance Notes for Member preview today. The topics covered in the set are documents, email, spreadsheets and databases. Each of the Guidance Notes in the Data Type series is designed to provide a primer on the current state of community knowledge about types of data commonly encountered by those seeking to preserve digital holdings.

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