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Perspectives on the Evolving Ecology of Digital Preservation 

Oya Y. Rieger is Senior Advisor at Ithaka S+R, based in New York As an organization that provides research and consultancy services to the global higher education community to support the creation, discovery, dissemination, and preservation of scholarship, Ithaka S+R is interested in exploring the current landscape of digital preservation programs and services in order to identify research questions that will contribute to the advancement of strategies in support of future scholarship. To...

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Project Preview: “Weaving Digital Stewardship into the Organizational Fabric”

This post was written by: Shira Peltzman, Digital Archivist for the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA); Julia Kim, Digital Assets Specialist, Library of Congress; Peggy Griesinger, Metadata Librarian, George Mason University Libraries; Vicky Steeves; Librarian for Research Data Management and Reproducibility, New York University; and Karl-Rainer Blumenthal, Web Archivist, Internet Archive. As digital preservation programs and stewardship...

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APTrust and the Draft Declaration of Shared Values

Chip German is program director of the Academic Preservation Trust, and he is senior director for content stewardship and scholarly communication at the University of Virginia Library. Hello to the DPC community from the Academic Preservation Trust.  As some of you know, we’re a consortium of US-based university libraries at research-intensive institutions working together to do digital preservation of the academic and cultural record at scale. I won’t bore you with background that...

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Lossy Accelerant: Surfeit and Fragment in Digital Collections Archives

Jefferson Bailey is Director of Web Archiving Programs for The Internet Archive in the USA Archival collections have always been incomplete. Being homogenous, selective groups of records preserved through time, they support attestation and evidentiary consideration only through their longitudinal availability. Multiple appraisal, selection, and processing strategies have developed over the history of the archival endeavor to address the ways in which the archival collection is, by...

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What we’ve done well, and some things we still need to figure out

David Minor is Director of the Research Data Curation Program at the University of San Diego Library and formerly the Chronopolis Program Manager I’ve worked in the Digital Preservation field for about a dozen years, and have had the good fortune to see a number of generations pass. I’d like to offer some thoughts on what we’ve done well, and some things we still need to figure out. What we’ve done well: Technology. In many ways, we’ve “solved” many of the digital preservation...

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Long Now: Longer After

I’ve been thinking about interoperability a bit recently and wondered if it might help us frame a wider discussion on how digital preservation might integrate with the wider technology landscape. My basic thesis is that digital preservation remains a niche topic and this is bad news. For all the reasons we’ve discussed before, it’s hard to get chief technology officers, let alone finance directors to invest for the sake of the long term , but if we can build digital preservation capability for...

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Getting digital preservation started

This is a joint blog post by Lizz Jennings (Research Data Librarian (Systems)) and Lizzie Richmond (University Archivist and Records Manager) The University of Bath has engaged in digital preservation activities since launching our Research Data Archive in 2015.  We outsourced bit-level preservation to Arkivum, and focused development efforts on discovery and interoperability.  Our 50th Anniversary prompted a flurry of interest in our archival materials over the past two...

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Obsolescence 2.0 Digital Preservation by people, for people

On Sale at All Good Pharmacies: Eternal Life There’s a paradox that links digital preservation with medicine. Digital preservation systems are subject to the same obsolescence that they exist to guard against: and even great doctors catch colds. I believe my doctor is mortal but that doesn’t mean I reject her advice. Her advice is not intrinsically dependent on her own experience but is situated within a global, dynamic community of research and practice. The medical profession deals with the...

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Procuring Digital Preservation: A Briefing

Introduction Selecting and deploying solutions is challenging enough in well-established business processes: but where the processes are new, or where the available resource to support procurement is stretched, moving from project to ‘business as usual’ can be hard.  It helps that a healthy market of digital preservation tools and services is emerging rapidly, into which a series of companies and not-for-profit agencies are now supplying products. And so digital preservation staff are...

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Highlights from the E-ARK Conference

{jcomments on} Over the last three years, the partners of the E-ARK Project have worked together to develop and test specifications and tools for the creation and management of information packages for preservation. Around this work they have also been busily undertaking complementary research and resource creation, resulting in a wide variety of new and improved practical solutions for those undertaking digital preservation activities. On a crisp, cold day at the beginning of December...

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DPA 2014: Inspiring Ireland, Digital Repository of Ireland and Partners

Inspiring Ireland is an ambitious project to bring Ireland’s cultural treasures – paintings, letters, sculpture, manuscripts, historical objects, photography, ephemera – both digital and digitised, to a broad national and international audience. Built on the Digital Repository of Ireland’s preservation infrastructure, Inspiring Ireland is also positioned as the beginning of a systematic programme in preservation, access and discovery for digital objects in Ireland’s GLAM sector. As the...

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