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PREMIS News & Highlights for 2019

Karin Bredenberg is Chair of the PREMIS Editorial Committee. She works for Kommunalförbundet Sydarkivera/The Municipality Organisation Sydarkivera in Sweden. 2019 has been a very productive year for the PREMIS Editorial Committee! We’ve welcomed several new members to the EC this year and have made significant progress in various areas. The release a year ago of the PREMIS 3.0 OWL Ontology led the EC into discussions regarding the relationship between the ontology and the PREMIS Data...

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Dear IFI Irish Film Archive of five years ago

{jcomments on} Kasandra O’Connell is Head of the IFI Irish Film Archive in Dublin, Ireland Dear IFI Irish Film Archive of five years ago, I know you are filled with trepidation at the sudden need for the IFI Irish Film Archive to preserve Ireland’s digital moving image heritage alongside your analogue collections. The switch to digital formats within the film and broadcasting sector in Ireland has been sudden, encouraged by a government sponsored scheme enabling cinemas to...

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Obsolescence 2.0 Digital Preservation by people, for people

On Sale at All Good Pharmacies: Eternal Life There’s a paradox that links digital preservation with medicine. Digital preservation systems are subject to the same obsolescence that they exist to guard against: and even great doctors catch colds. I believe my doctor is mortal but that doesn’t mean I reject her advice. Her advice is not intrinsically dependent on her own experience but is situated within a global, dynamic community of research and practice. The medical profession deals with the...

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PREMIS and METS: (almost) everything you wanted to know about Preservation Metadata

It has long been recognised that competent documentation is a critical component to the deployment of data.  The problem is brought into sharp focus in the long term when the creators are not available to explain their working assumptions or to elucidate codes and fixes.  Sometimes called representation information, though more widely known as preservation metadata, this essential form of documentation secures the change of custody, tracks rights holders, captures changes, delineates...

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