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What does good practice really look like for digital forensics?

The DPC recently held a series of events on the topic of digital forensics (an initial event on the 26th February and a follow up ‘Watch Party’ event suitable for community members in Australasia and Asia Pacific). As suggested by the title, the focus was to ‘investigate good practice’ through the sharing of knowledge, experiences and case studies. This event was born as a result of the interesting discussions in our very first DPC Reading Club which looked at an article on the topic of...

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Choosing a Persistent Identifier Type for Your Digital Objects: New Technology Watch Guidance Note now available on general release

The Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC) has made the next in its series of Technology Watch Guidance Notes, Choosing a Persistent Identifier Type for Your Digital Objects by Remco van Veenendaal of the National Archives of the Netherlands, available on general release today. 

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DPC Reading Club: a radical empathy approach to disk imaging

Our second DPC Reading Club was held last month and focused on an article by Monique Lassere and Jess M. Whyte called “Balancing Care and Authenticity in Digital Collections: A Radical Empathy Approach to Working with Disk Images” (available at This paper was a great follow on from our reading from Thorsten Ries last time as it looked at the topic of digital forensics from a different angle, suggesting a ‘radical empathy’ approach to tackling disk...

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DCDC 2022 - The Future Landscape of Digital Archives

Yi-Ting Lin is a PhD student in Information Studies at the University of Glasgow. She recently attended DCDC 2022 with the support of the DPC Career Development Fund, which is funded by DPC Supporters. Thanks to DPC's support, I attended the Discovering Collections, Discovering Communities (DCDC) conference for the first time last week (#DCDC22) and learnt loads of new development and strategies. In this blog post, I contextualise the content of what I learned with themes and highlight...

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New Models for Preservation: Photogrammetry at the University of St Andrews Libraries and Museums

Sean Rippington is Digital Archives and Copyright Manager at the University of St Andrews Photogrammetry – taking overlapping photographs of an object and converting them into 3D digital models – has become business as usual for the University of St Andrews Libraries and Museums. Driven by the push to provide more, different, and better types of online access to our collections for teaching and learning during the pandemic, we now have over 170 examples on our IIIF-based Collections...

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Record, upload, archive... repeat

Vera Ferreira is Depositing Officer for Endangered Languages Documentation Programme, BBAW in Lisbon, Portugal and Leonore Lukschy is Programme Administrator & Communications Officer for Organisation: Endangered Languages Documentation Programme, BBAW in Berlin, Germany Homepage of the Archive of Languages and Cultures of Ethnic Groups of Thailand (

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