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The room of requirement: working together to set up a digital preservation lab at State Library Victoria

This blog has been written by Carey Garvie, Senior Digital Preservation Specialist, Library Systems & Digital Preservation and Susannah Bourke, Digital Archivist, Description Original Materials at State Library Victoria This year’s theme for World Digital Preservation Day - Digital Preservation: A Concerted Effort feels extremely pertinent to our experience over the last year. In December 2022, State Library Victoria appointed two new Digital Preservation positions. Together these...

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What is the carbon footprint of large-scale global digital preservation?

Matthew Addis is the Chief Technology Officer at Arkivum. It was great to be at iPRES 2023 in person again this year.  I was privileged to be invited onto a panel called ‘Tipping Point’ that was run by Paul Stokes and Karen Colbron from Jisc.  The panel questioned the premise that there is so much data being generated each year that we are at the point where we no longer have the ability to process it in any meaningful way, let alone curate and preserve it.  Panellists...

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Choosing a Persistent Identifier Type for Your Digital Objects: New Technology Watch Guidance Note now available on general release

The Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC) has made the next in its series of Technology Watch Guidance Notes, Choosing a Persistent Identifier Type for Your Digital Objects by Remco van Veenendaal of the National Archives of the Netherlands, available on general release today. 

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New DPC resource ‘Level-up with RAM’ now available on general release

The Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC) has made the resource Level-up with RAM available on general release today. Designed to enable rapid benchmarking of an organization’s digital preservation capability, the DPC RAM is a digital preservation maturity modelling tool which is applicable for organizations of any size in any sector, and for all content of long-term value. First released to DPC Members 6 months ago, this new companion resource is designed to help organizations work out...

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Title: Preservation Digitisation Project – Digitising the Tasmanian Archives audio visual collection

Karin Haveman is Acting Manager Government Archives and Preservation at the Tasmanian Archives and Digitisation Services Coordinator In February 2021, Libraries Tasmania launched the Preservation Digitisation Project – a major collaborative project that brings together Digitisation Services, System Support and Delivery, Government Archives, and the Community Archives teams. The aim of this project is to digitise our Tasmanian film, sound, and video collections for long-term...

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Adaptability in the face of adversity - Archiving the Web to Help Persons Forced to Flee

Tom Wilson is Associate Archivist at United Nations High Commission for Refugees. Introduction The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has a mandate to support and advocate on behalf of one of the most vulnerable groups of people in the world today. As one of the major issues facing the world today, the plight of refugees, internally displaced people, stateless people and other persons forced to flee is an ever-growing issue. Whilst the title of this post primarily...

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A Hybrid Model for Web Archive Capture

Claire Newing is Web Archivist at The National Archives in the UK 2021 is the year the UK Government Web Archive came of age. On 4 November we celebrated the 25th birthday of our oldest resource - this archived version of the Environment Agency website. Of course it shared its birthday with World Digital Preservation Day 2021 so a double excuse to celebrate.

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Record, upload, archive... repeat

Vera Ferreira is Depositing Officer for Endangered Languages Documentation Programme, BBAW in Lisbon, Portugal and Leonore Lukschy is Programme Administrator & Communications Officer for Organisation: Endangered Languages Documentation Programme, BBAW in Berlin, Germany Homepage of the Archive of Languages and Cultures of Ethnic Groups of Thailand (

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Benchmarking the DPC using RAM - webinar

DPC's Rapid Assessment Model (RAM) was launched as a DPC Member benefit in September 2019. More information about DPC RAM including a recording from an introductory Members-only webinar can be accessed on the DPC RAM web pages. In this Member's only webinar the DPC will summarise DPC Member engagement with RAM and present anonymised statistics and analysis collected from DPC Members.  There will also be ample opportunity for Q&A, discussion and feedback on DPC RAM. DPC Members...

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The long WARC to freedom

Tom Wilson is Associate Archivist (Digital Preservation) for United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Switzerland. Our recent transfer of web-crawl suppliers taught us that the best laid plans can be derailed by factors beyond one’s control. UNHCR has been capturing content for its web-archive since 2015, working with Internet Memory Research (IMR) as our supplier to capture, store and display this content. In 2018, IMR informed us that they would be going bankrupt....

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Web Archiving & Preservation Working Group

Web Archiving & Preservation Working Group What is the Web Archiving & Preservation Working Group? The Web Archiving and Preservation Working Group (previously the Web Archiving & Preservation Task Force) provides a forum for participants to share their experiences, establish common goals, and inform their own policy development. It provides a mutually supportive environment for continued programme and policy development for DPC members and a mechanism through which non-members...

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