Following a 1-month exclusive preview for conference delegates, we are pleased to announce that all videos of the recorded sessions at iPres 2022 are now available on general release: 


iPres 2022 Keynote Speakers (Follow the Keynote sessions using transcripts translated into Arabic, French, German, Japanese and Spanish*)

iPres 2022 Long Papers    

iPres 2022 Short Papers    

iPres 2022 Panels    

iPres 2022 Tutorials   

iPres 2022 Workshops   

iPres 2022 Community Session and Opening & Closing Ceremonies   

iPres 2022 Lightning Talks, Online Posters & Bake Off   


To find the videos alongside their accepted proposal, presenters’ slides, author biography, collaborative notes and for Keynote transcripts in multiple languages, please visit the iPres 2022 conference pages on the Open Science Framework (OSF). 

* تتوفر ترجمات نصوص المتحدثين الرئيسيين باللغة العربية / Les traductions des transcriptions des conférenciers principaux sont disponibles en français / Übersetzungen der Transkripte der Hauptredner sind in deutscher Sprache verfügbar / 基調講演者の書き起こしの翻訳は日本語で入手できます / Las traducciones de las transcripciones de los oradores principales están disponibles en español.


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