The Digital Preservation Coalition welcomes Lloyds Banking Group as its latest member

Added on 1 January 2014

The Digital Preservation Coalition is delighted to welcome Lloyds Banking Group as its newest member.

‘Lloyds Banking Group Archives represents the corporate memory of the group, taking in key records for permanent preservation,’ explains Helen Redmond-Cooper, Head of Archives & Museums at Lloyds. ‘We take in records of all formats, and the recent influx of digital material has brought about the beginnings of a digital preservation programme for the Group.

’‘We are keen to use our membership of the DPC to optimise this programme by learning about best practice in digital preservation from other coalition members,’ she adds, ‘and we particularly look forward to sharing our own interests and perspectives relating to the undertaking of digital curation activities in a corporate environment.’

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DPC Welcomes Warwick University as its newest member

Added on 19 December 2013

The Digital Preservation Coalition is delighted to welcome the Modern Records Centre at the University of Warwick as its newest member.

‘The Modern Records Centre is widely respected as a centre of excellence in archival research,’ explained  William Kilbride, Executive Director of the DPC. ‘They have recently augmented their processes and procedures for digital preservation and their digital collections are growing rapidly. This will help them managing their research data, the university’s own digital archives, and also the many archives deposited from outside agencies like the Confederation of British Industry.'

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4C at the Ninth International Digital Curation Conference (IDCC)

Added on 18 December 2013

The 4C Project is hosting a workshop at the Ninth International Digital Curation Conference in San Francisco on 24 - 27 February 2014. The workshop will be a great opportunity to learn, communicate and influence. The 4C Project takes the cost of digital curation as its starting point but is necessarily interested in related questions such as the value and sustainability of digital assets and ultimately how to design curation to be as effective and efficient as possible with scarce resources available to support it. The IDCC conference is a valuable opportunity for the 4C Project and the community to examine how feasible it is to determine the cost of curating research data and to showcase and refine related work. - See more at: http://www.dcc.ac.uk/events/idcc14/workshops#sthash.ZmgOYNuq.dpuf

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The Digital Preservation Coalition welcomes CyMAL as its latest associate member

Added on 18 December 2013

The DPC is pleased to announce that the Welsh Government, through its CyMAL: Museums Archives and Libraries Wales division joined the coalition on 18th December 2013.

‘The Welsh Government is concerned with ensuring the safekeeping of Wales’ digital resources, for access now and in the future. CyMAL is the policy division which promotes and protects the culture and heritage of Wales by supporting its museums, archives and libraries,’ explains Linda Tomos, CyMAL’s Director.

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Slides now available for 'Procuring Preservation' Event at RIBA, London

Added on 17 December 2013

Slides from our'Procuring Preservation' event at RIBA, London on Friday 13th Decemberare now available online. We had a very successful day, with some very productive discussion which has helped shape the forward direction of some more DPC activities. A big thank you especially to our speakers for some thought provoking explanation and insight.

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Registration Opens for DPC Student Conference, 23rd January 2014

Added on 16 December 2013

Digital Preservation: What I Wish I Knew Before I Started, London, 23rd January

The DPC, the Archives and Records Association and Tessella are pleased to invite students and researchers in archives, records management and librarianship to a one day conference on practical workplace skills in digital preservation: http://www.dpconline.org/events/details/74-dpc-wiwik2014?xref=80

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Procuring Preservation: Writing and understanding requirements in digital preservation


The Digital Preservation Coalition is delighted to invite members to a briefing day that will explore themes related to procuring and implementing digital preservation solutions, especially where that involves establishing and describing requirements for developers, programmers and vendors.

Digital preservation typically involves a wide range of skills and it’s unusual to find all the necessary skills in one person. Even larger organisations find it necessary to employ consultants to help them develop or deploy solutions. A new market of digital preservation tools and services is emerging into which a series of companies and not-for-profit agencies are now supplying products. The market could be characterised as a meeting between ‘problem owners’ and ‘solution providers’. But in an emerging field with rapidly changing technology and unclear requirements it can be hard for the right problem owner to find the right solution provider. This problem is exacerbated in two ways: firstly collection owners typically have limited practical experience of specifying their requirements which makes it hard – if not impossible – for developers to understand and meet their needs; secondly procurement managers – already struggling with significant budget pressures - find it hard to assess statements about the quality of solutions proposed. This can add delay and confusion in a process which is already complicated. It means that even organisations which properly understand their digital preservation needs can be frustrated in solving them, while solution providers have to meet impractical and at times nonsensical expectations.

This day-long briefing is intended to provider a neutral forum where solution providers and problem owners can talk directly and without prejudice about the challenges they face. The dialogue that results should clarify the process of requirements gathering and lower the barriers to effective procurement.

Presentations will:

  • examine requirements from the perspective of the developer and the collection owner
  • discuss procedures for procurement of preservation solutions
  • present recent case studies and good practice in the development of requirements
  • introduce and examine the range of proprietary and open source solutions for digital preservation currently available

The day will include a moderated ‘unconference’ session where technologists, procurement managers and collection owners will be free to discuss and review obstacles to procuring practical digital preservation.

Who should come?

This workshop will interest:

  • Collections managers, librarians, curators and archivists in all institutions
  • IT managers and procurement managers in memory institutions
  • Records managers in institutions with a need for long-lived data
  • CIOs and CTOs in organisations with commercial intellectual property
  • Vendors and developers with digital preservation solutions
  • Researchers with interests in research data management

Outline Programme

1000 – Registration open, tea and coffee

1015 - Webinar opens

1030 – Welcome and Introductions (William Kilbride)
1035 – Specifying Requirements: A technologists’ view (Angela Dappert)
1100 – Procuring Preservation: hoops, hurdles and processes (Susan Corrigall)
1125 – Solving problems that can be solved, and proving you have solved them: a developer’s perspective (Carl Wilson)
1150 – Discussion
1200 – Service Providers Forum:

1300 - Webinar closes

1300 – Lunch (provided)

1400 – Unconference: What I need to know about digital preservation solutions but am too scared to ask
1500 – Coffee
1530 – Next steps
1600 – Close

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DPC sets dates for Board Meetings and AGM 2014

Added on 10 December 2013

The DPC's new Chair, Laura Mitchell has today agreed dates for Board Meetings and the Annual General Meeting 2014.  These are as follows:

  • DPC Board, Thursday 3rd April, York (Venue to be confirmed)
  • DPC Board, Tuesday 2nd September, Edinburgh (Venue: NRS)
  • DPC AGM, Wednesday 19th November, London (Venue to be confirmed
  • DPC Board, Thursday 20th November, London (Venue to be confirmed)
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Sustainability: Securing the Value of Digital Assets



The APARSEN project is delighted to announce that registration has opened for our latest training event, organised by DANS and focusing on issues relating to sustainability and digital preservation.

Society is generating a vast amount of digitally encoded information, upon which it depends. Some of this will be needed for a long time. Those who have responsibility for preservation may well have asked themselves the following:

  • How can I justify the resources needed for digital preservation?
  • How long must the resources be committed?
  • How can I estimate the resources needed and how can I keep these to a minimum?
  • How can I plan to cope as the volume increases over time?

The APARSEN project has been working to collect, evaluate and develop key answers to these questions. This two day training event, from the APARSEN project, will focus on the topic of “Sustainability” in relation to the preservation of digital objects and will present some of these answers. The training aims at presenting state of the art developments in relation to four key sustainable preservation practices. These are:

  • The infrastructural dimension through the analysis of suitable storage solutions that help enable reliable permanent access
  • The operational dimension through the identification, evaluation and proposal of competitive Digital Preservation Services
  • The monitoring and performance management of DP activities through cost models and their components
  • The underlying business dimension of digital preservation sustainability by means of modern management approaches and instruments such as value propositions, business cases and business modelling


This training event is generously subsidised through the APARSEN project by the European Community’s 7th Framework Programme for Research and Development FP7/2007-2013 – ICT-2009.4.1: Digital Libraries and Digital Preservation (grant agreement No 269977).

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DPC awards 4 scholarships to attend DPTP in November

Added on 9 December 2013

DPC was delighted to award 4 scholarships so that members could attend the Digital Preservation Training Programme at the University of London Union in November 2014.  Scholarships were awarded to:

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