13 June 2018 | 10:00 - 13:00 Glasgow | University of Glasgow Library


The digital preservation community has many parts; those who create data, the curators who are charged with looking after our digital legacy, solution providers who support the preservation process and those who consume the digital information successfully and continuously preserved. These groups cannot operate independently and alone, each relies on the others to do their bit, to enable the sustained and immediate access to digital information we have all come to expect.

With data volumes only set to increase and with organizational budgets unlikely to follow suit, this community of individuals and organizations must come together to develop robust solutions to take us forward into the Digital Preservation Future.

An extension of the DPC Member’s Unconference ‘Connecting the Bits’ which will take place the day before, this half-day event will provide a neutral forum to summarise the key challenges anticipated by members, before inviting speakers from our Commercial Supporters to collaborate and develop new ideas.

This forum is for:

  • DPC members
  • DPC Commercial Supporters
  • Strategic Funders

In place of a traditional ‘trade fair,’ this event is designed to provide an opportunity for Commercial Supporters to engage directly and meaningfully with DPC members, for the benefit of the whole community. 


  • 10.00     Welcome and introductions (William Kilbride, DPC)
  • 10.15     The Digital Preservation Future: Summary of DPC member perspectives from unconference the day before
  • 10.45     Technology, services and support: Horizon Scanning Panel Discussion with:
    • Arkivum
    • MirrorWeb
    • Preservica
  • 11.30     Breakout sessions
  • Group 1: ‘What’s needed’

Who should join this group? This discussion is best for practitioners at the sharp-end of doing preservation and know where the pain points are.  

Discussion points: software preservation, databases, interoperability, metadata migrations etc.   

  • Group 2: ‘How should it be delivered?’

Who should join this group? This discussion is best for people who are more oriented to areas such as making business cases, procurement, sustaining teams etc. 

Discussion points: hosted solutions, open source communities or commercial products, managed services, training and support, sustainability etc.   

  • 12.30     Feedback and Discussion
  • 13.00     Lunch and close; discussion continues over lunch

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