Workforce Development in Digital Preservation

The DPC recognizes the very great need among our members for access to specialist training, but also the very great risks and costs that are incurred by those that provide and deliver such training. The DPC Leadership Programme offers an on-going programme of grants so that our members can attend training and development opportunities. The programme also helps ensure that the organizations which offer training can be assured of a return on their investment. Over the course of its lifetime, the DPC Leadership Programme has provided more than 100 grants for members.

Scholarship Calls

Announcements for regular scholarship grant calls are published via the DPC News page and applications are invited from all DPC Members and Affiliates (see individual announcements for eligibility information). Applicants are required to complete the relevant application form and provide explicit approval from their line manager for course attendance.

See leadership programme scholarship calls

Additional Grant Opportunities

The DPC is in the process of extending the programme to allow members to apply for scholarships to attend courses not covered by the regular calls. This will allow members to address specific training needs that it might otherwise be impossible to fulfil. Guidance on the application process will be published shortly, in the meantime please contact our Head of Training and Skills to discuss and issues relating to potential scholarship applications.

Previous Grants

Scholarship calls from the DPC have funded more than 100 places on courses and at development opportunities such as:

  • iPRES
  • Digital Preservation Training Programme
  • DPTP: Web Archiving 101
  • DPTP: Digitisation
  • How to Set-Up and Run a Data Service
  • APARSEN Summer School
  • APARSEN: Trust and Digital Preservation
  • APARSEN: Sustainability and Digital Preservation
  • Digital Futures Academy
  • Digital Preservation – the PLANETS way

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