The Digital Preservation Coalition exists to help create a political and organisational climate responsive to the need for digital preservation. This requires a commitment to advocacy on behalf of the digital preservation community.

We help key decision-makers and opinion-formers understand the opportunities and challenges of long-term access to digital collections and encourage them to act, ensuring that public and institutional policy, legislation and regulation enable robust digital preservation infrastructures. We understand and articulate the needs of our members, encouraging and supporting the development of tools, services and standards that are of benefit to all.

Making the Case for Digital Preservation in your organisation

The DPC is an independent authority which represents the digital preservation community, providing assurance and support to all of its members. The DPC identifies the benefits and value of digital collections, helping our members make the case for digital preservation within their own organisations, opening lines of communication and facilitiating discussion.

How to Talk to IT about Digital Preservation

Often when organisations try to adapt or expand their activities in a way that requires additional resources to accommodate its digital preservation activities, it is typical for senior management to request that a business case or briefing is prepared. This should outline the resources required, what the resource will be used to achieve and how this new investment will benefit the organisation. The Digital Preservation Business Case Toolkit provides an array of helpful information to assist in the construction of a business case, from planning and preparation all the way through to polishing and communicating the finished case for digital preservation in your organisation.

Consult the Digital Preservation Business Case Toolkit

Responding to Public Policy initiatives

The DPC campaigns for digital preservation and long term access to be a feature of public policy and routinely advises Government and related agencies on issues that are relevant to our members and our mandate. We publish our responses as a commentary of public policy consultations relating to digital preservation.

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Celebrating greatness in the digital preservation community

Every two years the the DPC holds its prestigious Digital Preservation Awards - the most prominent celebration of achievement for those people and organisations who have made significant and innovative contributions to maintaining a digital legacy. 

A carefully selected group of expert judges review a series of projects and services which have been completed since the close of the previous award and which have been proposed by the community.  They create a short list of nominees who are interviewed about their work and then select the project which they think deserves particular attention.  The winners are announced at a specially convened ceremony and the winners receive a trophy, certificate, cash prize and international recognition.

Find out more about the Digital Preservation Awards

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