DPC RAM can be used by any organization with a need to preserve digital information for the long term. It should be possible to apply it regardless of the sector in which you work or the type of information that is being preserved. The maturity levels are based on existing good practice and try to be agnostic to particular preservation strategies or approaches.


DPC RAM for DPC Members

Whilst the model is freely available for anyone to use, DPC Members will have the additional benefit of the ability to benchmark and compare their results with that of other members. The model when applied across the DPC membership will also help facilitate DPC Member Support activities and work planning, enabling the capture of basic information on member needs and highlighting areas where additional support is needed.

“We can see the benefits of the possibility of DPC sending members trends and analysis of members' assessment results. You'd get a feeling of whether you were heading in similar or different directions to your peers and it would potentially pave the way to collaborative working.”

Laura Giles, Digital Archivist, Hull History Centre 



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