22 June 2017 | 10:00 - 16:00 (UK) York | De Grey Rooms

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Emulation has steadily grown in acceptance as a key tool in ensuring access to digital data. It's strength lies in recreating some of the original context in which digital data was first created and accessed and its ideal for addressing complex interactive content. But it's also seen as a complicated, technical and often confusing approach. So what is emulation? How does it work? How can you put it into practice? And where will this technology take us in the future?

The Digital Preservation Coalition is excited to bring you a new briefing day that will seek to answer these and many more questions on this rich preservation topic. Our members asked us to combine some of our events together to make planning and travel an easier proposition. As with last year, we're scheduling our annual members networking event - Connecting the Bits - alongside a briefing day on one of the meatier topics you asked us to explore with you in 2017. This time round its all about emulation, and we're aiming to make this an exciting and informative event for anyone considering how emulation could fit into their organisation's preservation capability.

Presentations will:

  • Explain the basics of what emulation is and how it works
  • Illustrate the process of emulating digital content - a getting started guide to using emulation
  • Provide a state of the art analysis of where emulation currently is as a preservation technology
  • Demonstrate how emulation is being used to preserve access to digital content
  • Examine some of the challenges and opportunities that are on the horizon

Who should come?

These workshops will interest:

  • Collections managers, librarians, curators and archivists in all institutions
  • IT managers and procurement managers in memory institutions
  • Records managers in institutions with a need for long-lived data
  • CIOs and CTOs in organisations with commercial intellectual property
  • Vendors and developers with digital preservation solutions
  • Researchers with interests in research data management


  • 1030 Welcome

  • 1040 'A brief history of emulation in preservation' with Paul Wheatley, DPC

  • 1100 'Are we here? Making emulation work in practice' with Simon Whibley and Kevin Davies, British Library

  • 1145 'Where is it going? An update on the state of the art in emulation' with Dirk von Suchodoletz, University of Freiburg

  • 1230 Lunch

  • 1330 'Preserving interactive digital experiences in an era of rapid innovation' with Euan Cochrane, Yale University Library

  • 1410 'Digital archaeology' with Jim Boulton, Digital Archaeology

  • 1450 Coffee break

  • 1500 '20 minutes into the emulation future' with Jason Scott, Internet Archive

  • 1520 Round table discussion

  • 1600 Close


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