23 June 2014 | 10:00 - 16:00 York | Churchill Hotel

The Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC) invites members to its annual planning day which will be held in York on the 23rd and 24th June 2014. Full members (ie Board Directors or their proxies) are invited to join on the evening of the 23rd June for an informal board meeting followed by dinner while all other members – personal members, associates and allied organisations – are invited to join on the morning of the 24th June.

At least one representative is welcome from each member and more can be accommodated as required.

Purpose of the Meeting

The current DPC strategic plan expires in December 2014. The purpose of this planning meeting is therefore to engage members in the development of the Coalition’s next strategic plan, based in part on an evaluation of performance of the current plan and its currency. A number of questions arise:

  • To what extent has the DPC met the strategic objectives of the current strategic plan?
  • What activities are no longer needed? What activities should be continued? What activities should be intensified or curtailed?
  • How has the DPC’s context changed in the last three years and how should the coalition respond to this?
  • What challenges or opportunities do members perceive in the next three years in relation to digital preservation?
  • What actions should DPC prioritise in the next strategic plan?
  • How might the DPC monitor its own performance and embed quality improvement in the coming three years?
  • Are the DPC’s values and core mission still appropriate to members’ needs?
  • What would be the optimal number, balance and distribution of membership in the coming three years?
  • What research and development activities should the DPC prioritise in the coming three years?
  • How might DPC prioritise its activities transparently on the basis of a limited resource?

Participants at the meeting will be invited to comment on all of these questions and to contribute any other considerations they consider relevant.

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