26 September 2019 | 18:00 BST Dublin | Royal Irish Academy

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Public lecture by Sara Day Thomson, Digital Preservation Coalition
Thursday 26 September, 6.00pm
Royal Irish Academy

The Digital Repository of Ireland and the National Archives, Ireland are pleased to announce the launch of a new public lecture series on digital archiving, records management and preservation. The inaugural lecture will be presented by Sara Day Thomson from the UK-based Digital Preservation Coalition.


When taking pictures of friends and family, have you ever wondered how you will save and find those pictures in a few years' time? How about 20 years from now? In the not so distant past, you put important pictures in a well-bound photo album and placed them on your bookshelf for future enjoyment. However, with digital images - and indeed with all kinds of digital files - this process of organising, storing and safekeeping requires more forethought.

Personal digital archives - the documents, photos and messages we accumulate everyday - serve many different purposes and possess value for a broad range of individuals, families, researchers and collecting institutions. However, personal digital archives are only as valuable as the ability to find, search and use them.

In her talk, Sara Day Thomson will outline the risks facing the average person’s digital material and present strategies for managing some common types of digital files for future access. She will give advice on how to name files in a meaningful, organised way and provide some tips on how and where to store all these digital bits and bytes. Overall, this talk will prompt people to start thinking about how they use and manage their digital files and memories, and outline some simple steps to safeguard them for the future.

This is the inaugural lecture in a new collaborative series between the National Archives, Ireland and the Digital Repository of Ireland and will be followed by a wine reception to mark this collaborative event.


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