5 November 2020 | 11:00 - 11:45 UHR Online

It's up to you...and you...and you -
How Personal Digital Archiving can help saving your digital life

45 Minuten Online Workshop mit Martin Iordanidis (hbz) und Achim Oßwald (TH Köln) – nestor working group Personal Digital Archiving (in english)

Our life gets digital whether we like it or not. The amount of data and files we collect and handle is growing - in business, science, school and at home. It is a challenge to keep the overview.
A few basic activities can help to keep pace with the growth:

  • select what is important - and delete the rest

  • find out which structure of your files and folders fits most to you

  • name your folders and your files in your personal but systematic way and

  • do all this on a regular basis - which could be the biggest challenge.

Our presentation will give exemplary suggestions to realize Personal Digital Archiving (PDA). Together with you we will exchange our experiences with PDA.
The presentation is a contribution to this year’s World Digital Preservation Day. Find more information about this event here: https://www.dpconline.org/events/world-digital-preservation-day


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