30 November 2017 | 16:00 – 17:00 (CST) University of North Texas, TX USA | Willis Library, Room 140

University of North Texas (UNT) was among the earliest institutions invested in promoting open access to scholarly communications and securing our digital legacy. The Libraries’ national and international projects, service, activism, and hospitality show that every day is a “digital preservation day” at UNT.

To showcase a wide range of experiences, activities, projects, and collections, UNT will host a panel entitled:  “Every Day is Digital Preservation Day @ the UNT Libraries.”

During this panel, the following panelists will address some of our digital preservation activities:  

  • Dr. Daniel Alemneh – Head, Digital Curation Unit: Dr. Alemneh will moderate the panel on digital preservation initiatives at UNT Libraries and highlight some major projects and collections, such as the Portal to Texas History and CyberCemetery; and some popular initiatives including Open Access and Digital Frontiers annual conferences.  In addition to the recently completed self-audit using the criteria of the Trusted Repositories Audit & Certification (TRAC); Daniel will highlight local milestones, including announcing the official completion of UNT’s retrospective theses and dissertations digitization project. 
  • Jeremy Berg – Cataloging Librarian: Mr. Berg will report on the retrospective digitization activities which have made available more than 13,000 UNT theses and dissertations from 1936 to the present, and talk about the collaborations of multiple stakeholders involved with integrating and  ensuring long-term access to these materials.
  • Mark Phillips – Associate Dean for Digital Libraries: Mr. Phillips will discuss UNT’s roles in local, state-wide, national, and international preservation activities, ranging from harvesting UNT websites, to the Texas Register archive established through a partnership with the Office of the Texas Secretary of State, to the End-of-Term Presidential Harvest (EOT) and International Internet Preservation Consortium (IIPC), a global network of experts archiving the web for future generations.
  • Deborah Caldwell– Graduate Student Investigator at Preservation of Electronic Government Information (PEGI) Project: Ms. Caldwell will discuss efforts to address national concerns regarding the preservation of electronic government information through her work with the PEGI group, and how others can get involved with digital preservation projects. 
  • Dr. Ana Krahmer – Director, Digital Newspaper Unit: Dr. Krahmer will discuss the need for digital preservation, not just for the obvious hardware and software issues, but with a special look at preservation needs in light of the damage from natural disaster, Hurricane Harvey. 
  • Hannah Tarver – Head, Digital Projects Lab: Ms. Tarver will discuss the importance of metadata for digital preservation initiatives, current quality enhancement initiatives for improving metadata, and the role it plays in increasing the discoverability of digital objects. 
  • Marcia McIntosh – Digital Production Librarian: Ms. McIntosh will provide a look behind the scenes at the work of the Digital Projects Lab, and some of the recent digitization and preservation projects the lab has completed. 

DH@UNT Blog Posts

Throughout the day, DH@UNT will also feature blog posts on the intersection between digital humanities and digital preservation efforts.

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