2 June 2020 | 10:00 - 16:30 UTC+1 Online | Zoom


The DPC would like to invite Members to a ‘RAM Jam’ - a workshop to help you complete an assessment using the DPC’s Rapid Assessment Model. The workshop will include an introduction to the digital preservation maturity model, details of how to use it and how your results will feed into the wider work plan of the DPC. There will be time for you to work on your own on your DPC RAM assessment and DPC staff will be on hand throughout the day to answer any questions that arise. We will make use of Mentimeter to carry out some anonymous benchmarking within the workshop. We will also hear from Members who have used RAM as they share what they have learned from the experience.

By the end of the workshop, Members should have a completed or draft RAM assessment to share with colleagues and/or the DPC.

Members can choose to attend the whole workshop or can drop in and out as appropriate.

We will encourage all Members to complete and submit their assessment to us by 9th June in order that the anonymized results of this work can be shared at our annual unconference ‘Connecting the Bits’.

Who should come?

This workshop is open to DPC Members and is suitable for those who have not yet completed and submitted a DPC RAM assessment. No prior knowledge of DPC RAM is required. Members who have started working on a RAM assessment but need further advice and guidance in order to complete it are very welcome to drop in and out as appropriate.

DPC Members and Supporters, please login to view DPC Ram Presentation Slides

Outline programme:

10:00 - Introductions and welcome

10:15 - An introduction to DPC RAM

10:45 - RAM as a DPC Member benefit

11:00 - Q&A and discussion

11:15 - Comfort break

11:30 - Workshop session - getting started with RAM

12:15 - Lunch

13:00 - Drop in session - DPC staff will be on hand for informal chat//advice as you work on your assessment (optional) 

14:00 - Check in/discussion/benchmarking

14:30 - Member perspectives on DPC RAM

15:00 - Comfort break

15:15 - Drop in session - DPC staff will be on hand for informal chat//advice as you work on your assessment (optional)

15:45 - Check in/discussion/benchmarking

16:15 - Online form/feedback/next steps

16:30 - Close


DPC Inclusion & Diversity Policy

The DPC Community is guided by the values set out in our Strategic Plan and aims to be respectful, welcoming, inclusive and transparent. It encourages diversity in all its forms and is committed to being accessible to everyone who wishes to engage with the topic of digital preservation. The DPC asks all those who are part of this community and/or attending a DPC event be positive, accepting, and sensitive to the needs and feelings of others in alignment with our DPC Inclusion & Diversity Policy.

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