21 July 2014 | 10:00 - 16:00 Cambridge | Cambridge City Hotel

The Chair of the Digital Preservation Coalition cordially invites…

…the British Library, Cambridge University Library, the Digital Curation Centre, JISC, Lloyds Banking Group, The National Archives, The National Records of Scotland, The National Library of Scotland, The National Library of Wales, The Open University, Oxford University Library Service, Public Records Office of Northern Ireland, Research Councils UK, the United Nations and the University of London Computer Centre…

…to send a delegates to the meeting of the DPC Directors’ Group.

The Directors’ Group provides an extended and informal networking opportunity at which staff, partners, contractors or allies of full members of the Coalition are invited to describe and discuss current, forthcoming and future digital preservation projects. It allows staff, colleagues and supporters - who might not normally attend Board meetings - to contribute directly to the Coalition’s work plan for the coming year. Recent directors’ group meetings have commissioned important DPC outputs including the Technology Watch Reports and Briefings on Digital Forensics for Preservation and Preserving eBooks and helped establish the ‘Technology Bytes’ webinar series. It encourages the development of bilateral and multi-lateral relationships among members; helps disseminate good practice; and ensures that the work of the coalition remains tied to the changing needs of the workforce.

Full members are invited to nominate up to four delegates.

Delegates can be drawn from any department, project, partnership or constituent of the institution so long as they are able to contribute to and benefit from an open discussion on digital preservation and cognate issues. Delegates will be expected to participate in a range of activities which introduce their own current and future work, which review the work of others and which help inform the work of the Coalition in the coming year. The event will be help under ‘Chatham House Rules’, therefore allowing members to share genuine challenges and present emerging tools and processes without them being reported outside. An outline programme and details of logistics are attached.

Lunch will be provided and refreshments will be available throughout the day.


1100 Tea and coffee, Directors’ Group assembles
1130 Welcome and introduction to the day
1130 Three minute mayhem*
1300 Lunch
1430 Unconference: workshop themes decided in the morning
1530 Feedback and Discussion
1600 Close
TBC Dinner for those staying for ‘Preservation and Virtualisation’ briefing day.

*‘3-minute mayhem’: a condition of attendance is that every delegation introduces themselves. Participants should come prepared with six pieces of information: ‘1.Who we are...’; ‘2 What we do well...’ 3. ‘Our next big plan is...’ 4. Our recent achievements have been ...’ 5. But we’d like help with...’ 6. ‘I’d like to hear more about …’ This will be used in an introductory session at the start of the day. Where there are multiple representatives from different agencies, it would be appropriate for each delegate to have different answers to these questions.

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