7 November 2019 | 13.10 – 13.50 GMT Library Link 3, James Joyce Library | University College Dublin

General Information

“the digital record we save is the memory we’ll pass down to the next generations, so it’s worth it to take the time and make sure we give them something of value, and that we have something to give them at all.”

Helen Bailey, Library Fellow for Digital Curation and Preservation

World Digital Preservation Day will be held on Thursday 7th November, when a new edition of the ‘Bit List of Digitally Endangered Species’ will be published. Digital family or personal photos and records are currently listed as ‘Critically Endangered’, so this year on World Preservation Day UCD Library will explain how to preserve these irreplaceable treasures.


This presentation will cover:

  • Identifying where your photos are currently kept
  • Deciding what to keep and preserve
  • Organising your ‘archive’
  • Storage and backup
  • Managing your ‘archive’ over time

Participants will gain an understanding of:

  • Digital preservation
  • Data management
  • File organisation
  • File formats
  • Backup strategies


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