17 November 2016 | 10:00 - 16:00 Bartholomew Close, London | Worshipful Company of Information Technologists

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Digital preservation - representing all the activities necessary to ensure that digital objects and data can be found, accessed and deployed beyond the limits of technological obsolescence, media failure or creator dependency - is a growing challenge for agencies and individuals in all kinds of contexts. Our generation has invested as never before in digital resources and we've done so because of the opportunity they bring. But digital objects are fragile: at risk of loss, corruption or obsolescence, not to mention unlawful alteration or theft. Collection managers, IT officers, academic researchers, broadcasters, developers and industrial regulators need to ensure that the digital collections which they use and depend upon are accessible for the long-term.

Through it’s ‘Getting Started…’ and ‘Making Progress with Digital Preservation’ Roadshows, the DPC aims to help those facing such custodial challenges gain the skills they need to ensure the longevity of the digital information in their care. ‘Making Progress...’ moves beyond initial steps outline in ‘Getting Started…’ to help participants establish sustainable digital preservation programmes and make informed preservation decisions. By the end of the workshop - which will include time for networking and sharing - participants will be equipped with practical targets for implementing digital preservation, as well as guidance and tools to make those targets achievable.

The workshop will help participants:

  • Understand the emerging issues in digital preservation
  • Draft a digital preservation policy
  • Understand and articulate the costs and benefits of digital preservation
  • Prepare a business case for digital preservation
  • Understand the practical implementation and limitations of available tools
  • Make informed preservation decisions for their digital collection
  • Meet and network with others locally working in digital preservation

This workshop will interest:

  • Collections managers, records managers, librarians and archivists in all institutions
  • IT managers and chief technology officers, chief information officers in institutions or agencies with a need for long-lived data
  • Students and researchers in information science and related fields

Course Tutors

Sharon McMeekin

Sharon is Head of Training and Skills with the Digital Preservation Coalition and leads their workforce development activities. This includes managing and presenting training events, oversight of the DPC’s scholarship programme and contributions to projects such as the new edition of the ‘Digital Preservation Handbook’ and E-ARK. As an invited speaker, Sharon presents on the topic of digital preservation at a wide variety of events within the UK and abroad, including ULCC’s Digital Preservation Training Programme, ARA training courses, and as a guest lecturer at the University of Glasgow. With an MSc in Information Technology (Software and Systems) and an MSc in Information Management and Preservation (Archives and Records Management) from the University of Glasgow, Sharon is an archivist by training, specialising in digital preservation. Before joining the DPC she spent five years as Digital Archivist with the Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland where she led the development of digital preservation policy and their repository.

Sara Day Thomson

As the DPC’s Project Officer, Sara undertakes much of the DPC’s project work, becoming involved with some of the latest research in managing, accessing and sharing digital content. She has recently authored two of the DPC’s popular Technology Watch Report series on ‘Preserving Social Media’ and ‘Preserving Transactional Data.’ She has also delivered conference papers and training to members on these and related subjects. Sara joined the DPC from the National Library of Scotland and the University of Glasgow where she studied Information Management and Preservation.

Indicative Programme

  • 1000: Registration Opens
  • 1030: Welcome and Introduction - Starting Digital Preservation is Easy, Making Progress is Harder (Presentation)
  • 1045: Making a Business Case for Digital Preservation (Presentation and Exercise)
  • 1130: Writing a Digital Preservation Policy (Presentation and Exercise)
  • 1215: Digital Preservation Skills Audit (Presentation)
  • 1245: Lunch
  • 1330: Making Practical Preservation Decisions (Presentations, Demos and Group Discussion)
  • 1445: Comfort Break
  • 1430: Making Practical Preservation Decisions cont’d
  • 1545: Wrap-up and final questions
  • 1600: Close

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